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Will this 2 storey wrap around extension pass planning ?


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Hi All,  


I am looking to carry out a 2 storey wrap around extension. 


My next door adjoining neighbour has something similar, the only slight difference is a step back from my boundary by about 2m.


Therefore, the rear extension that they have is not full width


I presume that they have done this to pass the 45 degree rule as I do not have an extension at present. 


But I am presuming that as they have an extension, I can do a similar rear extension but mine will be across the full width of the house.  


Will this pass planning ,  as my neighbour has a somewhat similar extension? 



InkedLyndhurst 4_LI.jpg

Plan 3.JPG

Plan 2.JPG

Plan 1.JPG

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First of all, welcome.


I don't know the answer to your question, and neither does anyone else on BuildHub. We can make an educated guess on the basis of evidence.

The fact that something has been allowed within a few meters of your house is merely an indication, not a precedent. 


Can I suggest you do a bit of detective work: look at similar local projects and then research their planning application history. The exercise will be very informative indeed. Then ,when you have done that come back to us and tell us what you have found.


Why such a direct (if not harsh) response from me? We got PP, and the property 25 meters from us didn't. The subsequent Appeal failed too. 

Spend a good few hours researching recent similar projects in your area.... Should be fun!

Good luck


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On 20/05/2022 at 16:35, CharlieKLP said:

Your neighbour’s lawn is beautiful.


It looks like you’re matching the depth of your neighbour, so you have a good argument. Who knows what planners will say though.



Ok thanks

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