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  1. Agreed there, this looks like someone just doing what they want with little skill or thought. If they had the money to build this they had some to pay a designer to break up the bulk, sort the windows out, pick a nicer brick. (And get them planning permission!) I hope they make them take it down, and I usually think that’s harsh, but this is a big scaley monster.
  2. I think you can achieve everything with standard timber frame that you can with SIPs, and about 15% less cost. Unless you want a passive house, SIPs are overengineering for a house. They also aren’t as good if you want to span openings or have vaulted ceilings. I’ve worked with CPS a little, I just think most builders prefer to put the finishes on, on site. It probably is a little quicker, but the more people who can do it, the more choice you have. I don’t mean to be down on either system, but I just think they are too expensive for what they achieve.
  3. Hi! Ask them for a topo quote. If you are going to use them, then they will be able to give you the service discount. I don’t know why you got such a high quote when you looked for surveyors, is there an existing building on your site? A survey should be less than 1k, with an elevation from the road too. also on the website, it says 4K plus vat, so say you want that price. I wouldn’t trust an architect to design me a house without a topo, you are going to need one eventually anyway. It’s not a ridiculous request at all.
  4. @Post and beam How much was the survey Potton recommended to you?
  5. Do you have planning already?
  6. Oh no! Sorry to hear that. So many things can go wrong finding the plot you want. I hope the right one comes along!
  7. I don’t really understand your question, what did you pay the architects 25k for exactly? Did you get planning permission then change the use after you built? it seems a bit confusing to me because once you get permission you can’t lose it as far as I know? maybe if you could say what you did, in the order you did it…?
  8. That sounds so annoying, I feel your pain! Most likely they mean there are posi-joists which have a metal element to them, so I guess it might be possible? Literally hit and miss though isn’t it. In theory, you could find one or two, then figure out the spacing and predict the positions of the others. it’s a shame it’s out of warranty, but whoever built it could help you out too.
  9. I know a little bit about Potton and would use them myself. Worth noting that Potton supply the structure and insulation package (plus stairs, windows, roof if requested) it’s up to you to source a builder that will do the light switches and other finishes. Timber frame doesn’t mean ‘post and beam’, only half of the showhouses even have those because they were popular at the time the houses were built. On the outside, it can have any brick, stone, render, weatherboard you want. Potton is now a bespoke design and build business, they have planners and architects who design to any style or specification. They fully design from scratch for you, and get you planning, then help you self build with project managers. The showhouses get a *lot* of foot traffic, so after 50 or so years it adds up to a lot of new wallpapering. That’s not really the point of the houses there. They are there to show variety and give ideas - and it’s a shame people come away with the idea a Potton house is just a chocolate box with fake beams, if you look at the website it isn’t that at all. Of course at the time it was stylish, but trends move on. It’s also quite sad that planning officers are judging a company on a style the were popular for some time ago, I would say it’s actually prejudicial and not the correct behaviour for a planner! Anyway, in my opinion the timber frame you get from Potton is a good spec for a reasonable price in the market, and there’s really nothing forcing you to have beams anywhere. Check the website, there’s a price list there that breaks down what you might spend on the house and also since you are a total novice, they offer lots of resources and seminars to tell you how to go about it. They are really useful for self builders generally. I found them to be helpful and friendly.