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  1. I’d never send out a dwg… I don’t think you have an automatic right to it. I draw in 3D and there’s lots of ‘stuff you can’t have’ in there. Not only is it intellectual property (not just mine), it’s also probably wrong and will cause me grief down the line. I have found though, putting the flat pdf into cad is a lot of effort. CAD doesn’t flatten or purge things in a friendly way. I’ve spent hours converting drawings and it feels like cutting your nose off to spite your face. It’s easier if you just import the pdf into cad yourself. I think if you’re a CAD user you should be able to do that?
  2. Sorry to bump this, do ASHP work in older properties with not the best insulation or not do you think? I have a property that has some clay walls with damp and limecrete so they need to breathe. Are they stuck with an oil powered boiler?
  3. Not sure if any of you aware or would be interested, but there’s a livestream where an architect I know does a live Q&A about any construction question you might have. He isn’t specifically self build, but really knows his stuff and would be happy to chat with anyone building or thinking about it. He is trying to grow his channel, which also has a lot of useful videos on similar topics. I know he would be thrilled if you viewed his stream… so if you fancy popping by and asking a question or two, please do!
  4. Nothing is insurmountable. ask the owner if you can have a conditional purchase. I don’t know where you are or what the solution is, but it wouldn’t hurt to get advice and see what you can do.
  5. When did you put the application in, did you agree an extension? https://www.gov.uk/guidance/determining-a-planning-application it says you can get your money back, though I’ve never seen that be successful.
  6. Did you get the materials confirmed by the planners? Usually they are reserved matters. I would get the standing seam approved (reserved matter or minor amendment) before changing. The neighbouring properties would not match and that might be an issue I wouldn’t like to test. Standing seam can be quite costly.
  7. thats actually really shocking. I understand the climate is unpredictable, but he seems like a total scrounger if he isn’t being pro-active. I’ve only used QS when actually building to keep track of funds, I send out tenders myself. I think you are within your rights to ask for your money back and get someone better.
  8. I think the concept was to design something wacky to get permission, which I’m sort of ok with but it hasn’t helped your floor plan or you. I find it really hard to get my selfbuilder customers to embrace the idea of concepts, because they are often too ‘efficient box’ orientated. The quality of the spaces is more important than anything, but having a concept can be such a beautiful thing to drive your design. A concept is what lifts something from a self build to a “grand design”, and I have done a design for that show. It wasn’t expensive, it was just, unique. can be a simple as a view or some water, this is my favourite house just in case this helps someone get a spark. It doesn’t have to be a box to be efficient, and it doesn’t have to be a doodle turned into a house to be worthy of paragraph whatever-it-is.
  9. Do you do many fairly simple jobs yourself, like would you take on a job like this? Doing all the drawings and inspections.
  10. Even that (looks beautiful) but how comfortable are the spaces, really? You can see the sun blasting in to the place so I’m really dubious whether a SAP can really justify that anymore. Curves don’t really work for rooms do they. Even non 90 degree angles will screw up something. OP I’m really curious, how much did they charge you to design that concept?
  11. Wow! I think it’s tricky but I sort of love how you’ve gone 100% into the curves. hope we can see it in 3D at some point? Lovely.
  12. Thanks all for your replies! am not as bothered by the drinking water (tastes quite nice really) it’s just the dishwasher and boiler. They seem expensive.
  13. Great link thanks! I went to the planning update and they said if you’re in Norfolk there will be some temporary measures in the next 6 weeks, but the longterm is hard to know. I think it might rely on other counties and changing the legal precedent. Hope it gets sorted soon for people. I’ve heard some pretty high figures for the levy.
  14. I’ve just moved to a place with very hard water, how do you add a softener and can anyone recommend a system? Is it a job that requires a plumber, I’ve fitted a dishwasher before but that’s about it. how often do you have to change the filters, and do they need electric?
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