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Temporary base for ASHP


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Our ASHP will eventually be sitting one a concrete path. But that requires retaining walls and various other things that will take time...


So i want to set the monoblock on a temporary base so we can get all our plumbing finished and signed off.


How sturdy does it need to be? How much do these things vibrate? 9kW coolenergy. At the minute the side of the house is loosely compacted stone. Thinking of a few concrete blocks on their flat. Or would I need to pour a concrete base? Can mount the isolator on the wall so no issues there. Will leave the cables long and away that I'll have to disconnect the water pipes when we move it and refill the coolant.



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I have a double fan cool energy unit in a temp location and it is very stable so just make a decent flat base. Note that in mine at least there is a LOT of water generated around the unit, seems to just drain through the bottom of the case so you may want to divert that depending on your environment 

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Hi @Conor

Definetly need somewhere for it to drain. Our one, we have no vibration problem.

IMO weight is an issue if you are expecting the unit is to stand on the rubber feet. To much like stilettos! You need a UDL Uniform Distributed Load over the ground below, that's why they recommend a concrete slab. The CE-iVT9 is 80kg. 


I would go for compacting the ground, placing blocks flat on top with ties or some form of binding around the perimeter to stop them spreading and an OSB on top with DPM and moniter the movement. I was advised to tilt the unit so the fan side was slightly higher than the back for drainage so I would tilt the blocks and board. 


Ours really does not vibrate significantly. We have the feet on EDPM, and it has not moved in the last 10 months or through the 120mph storm that hit the island although being on the flat roof totally exposed.


Good luck



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