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Payment issue how best to deal with it?

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Need some input into an issue i have.


My brickies have been off site for a while and i had to offer them a bonus to get them back to get the work done by a certain time.


There is agreed fixed fee for the remaining works and a bonus for getting it done by a certain date. This is detailed in text messages (about 3 weeks ago) with the brickie actaully stating the costs.


They have been on site for two weeks now and the brickies (two of them not the main guy) havent got the work finished. The brickie is now wanting payment upto the agreed fee (not including the bonus).


They propose doing the rest of the works on daily rates and want agreement on that. Also they are still wanting to claim the bonus amount even though thst date has passed.


I am pushing back as there was a recent agreed fixed fee and the brickie knows the site. I dont want worker on daily rates, also shocked they still expect the bonus payment even though that date has passed.


To me they are completely taking the pi$$.


The problem is, is thst brickies in this area are in short supply.


Looking for thoughts on the best way forword. 

- get them off site and eat the delay in finding new brickies.

- push back on the daily rates but get them to figure out an additional fixed fee. Still risking them not doing the works. If I pay them the remaining now there is nothing holding them to actaully coming back

- suck it up and go on dailys.



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They're taking the piss because they know you need them. Supply and demand. They will keep asking for more. The real question is can you tolerate a delay whilst finding someone else. If you can, get rid. If you can't, they're going to keep taking the piss.

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A good friend of ours called round yesterday evening He’s a brickie and has 60 plus bricklayers working for him and his partner and this is happening to him on a daily basis 

With his guys moving between him and other brick barons 


If there work is ok You will probably be better paying them the CASH 

and moving on


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I think if you pay them in full they will disappear again and have no incentive to return.


If they have done 1/2 or 2/3rd of the work pay them that much.


Offer to pay the remaining fraction daily, perhaps in cash at the end of the day. You could off the bonus for a new date.

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