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Heavy duty mortise latch


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Finally making a start on fitting the internal doors.


First one swung beautifully... then... a problem. The door latch wont recess when the door is pushed closed. A video below shows the issue. 


Initially I assume I haven't installed it correctly, perhaps the face plate is impeding. But no, all looks good


Quick call to the company and someone from Sales reckons as these are 'heavy duty' latches the door will only close when the handle is pressed or knob turned. That cant be right surely!

I can think of some seriously heavy mortise locks and latches on many different doors that will close when pushed and no need to operate the handle. 

Have been told I am 'welcome' to escalate further to customer services but tbh I'm not sure if this is a fault with the latch or if it has genuinely been designed to like this. Any ideas?



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