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Am i being too picky or is this not good enough?

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Just had to replace a shower, enclosure and tiles due to leaking probably through the grout over the past 15 years. So decided to tile all round bottom half of bathroom while at it. Now the plumber’s gone Ive had a close look at what he did and I’m not happy. I know I’m a perfectionist and ask a lot but am i being unreasonable? I’m also paranoid about leaking again! 


Essentially it’s the tile trim thats the main issue. The corners arent mitred as that “gives really sharp edges that the kids could cut themselves on”. But even not mitred, they are to my eye badly done and look ugly. The trim on a shelf under the window is almost flush at one end but is nearly 10mm proud at the other, but this is apparently due to run off or the ledge not being level or something I didnt quite follow. Also the trim around the tiles above the bath is not sealed to the wall with quite a gap, what would happen if water got down there - as is likely to happen with children and showers in the bath.


I dont think I’m being unreasonable, or am I?








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I really hope you haven't paid the plumber yet..... 

Others will come along and give you chapter and verse, but : No, it's not good enough.

Pay him something less the cost of putting it right

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No your not, that’s crap, I used to fit kitchen and bathrooms and would never instal something that bad, plus I would not pay him till it’s rectified (ripped out and done again 😱).

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What do you think about the whole mitre or not mitre thing? Is he talking crap and just not know/want to do the mitres or is this another corner option - regardless of how badly he’s done it?

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