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What issues will this rain / drain pipe cause?

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The side extension roof has been completed today. It struck me as a little odd that the rain pipe from the main roof of the house is just randomly pointed across the roof like that. I'm told that the tiles will channel it into the drain pipe that collects at the lowest part of the pitched roof and it won't spill over the side. Is this going to cause any issues with either the way the water flows or cause issues with the Velux windows over time?




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6 minutes ago, notreadyforthis said:


Any chance you could elaborate further so I know what I need to call out?

Someone better qualified to comment will surely be along soon, but the lead should be dressed down to match the profile of the tile I think, to stop rain blowing in.

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31 minutes ago, PeterW said:

That’s fine but what on earth is going on with the lead flashing ..??!! That needs some serious work. 

or are they doing it that way (incorrectly) for ventilation?

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