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  1. Thanks for the image. For our build, the internal ceiling is sloped to match the pitched roof angle and we have three Velux windows installed. The red squiggly line on your diagram doesn’t exist for our structure.
  2. It’s entirely possible I have misunderstood what the builder was saying so I will go back to him to check on Monday. The comments above are helpful. I find that if I just say to the builder I don’t like something or I think something looks wrong without being able to go a bit further to say why then it doesn’t really go very far. The builder may suggest that we channel the waste water to the right of the window instead but it would mean an extra pipe down the right. The left side will have a pipe for the pitched roof so I thought it would be tidier to keep both pipes on the same side.
  3. Thanks, I have asked for them to come back to address it. Sorry, I meant the roofer had said moulding the lead around the tile is a cosmetic thing rather than the whole lead material being used is cosmetic.
  4. Thanks. The builder said he checked this and confirmed it leads to a foul drain. I don’t know if the two are connected but I have a feeling my property or my part of the street doesn’t have a surface water drain as I get a rebate on my water bill for this.
  5. Sorry for the shoddy sketch but the builder is planning to route kitchen waste water using a channel that is in front of the garage door. That channel is original to the property and has one of those metal coverings so it is partially exposed. I’m assuming this is to provide a barrier to catch water during heavy rain and stop it from flooding the garage? The waste water from the kitchen is just for the sink and dishwasher. Checking this with the builder he said the volume of water won’t overwhelm it. My concern would be the fact that it’s partially exposed as the waste water runs across the garage door. That channel used to get clogged up with leaves. Should this channel be used in the first place? If it is legit for use, should the open nature of it be sealed off to prevent leaves, etc. blocking it?
  6. I’ve had a new pitched roof added to the side of the house and noticed that the leading wasn’t moulded to the shape of the tile. The roofer said this is a cosmetic thing and it doesn’t make any functional difference. I’m not fussed if its just cosmetic as no one will ever see the roof unless you climb up there. But wanted to check that it’s correct that there’s no functional difference. Is the point here that the roof is pitching downwards so water will never travel up into that gap?
  7. Any chance you could elaborate further so I know what I need to call out?
  8. The side extension roof has been completed today. It struck me as a little odd that the rain pipe from the main roof of the house is just randomly pointed across the roof like that. I'm told that the tiles will channel it into the drain pipe that collects at the lowest part of the pitched roof and it won't spill over the side. Is this going to cause any issues with either the way the water flows or cause issues with the Velux windows over time?
  9. I asked my building regs supplier to check the steel beam fabrication and install and they referred it to their in-house structural engineer. They’ve come back with a one liner “No adverse comments to make” which I take it to mean they don’t take any issues with what’s been done. My earlier comment which said that the beam has been cut by the builders was incorrect. On closer inspection of photos taken from when the beams were delivered I could just about make out the rough cut for the notch. Also it seems the drawings in the plans were early sketches and not what the fabricator worked from. The fabricator worked from the calculations provided by the structural engineer which comes from a separate document. I’ve since reviewed this document and have been able to match up the beam specifications (size and span at least) to what has been produced.
  10. Thanks and will be doing this tomorrow. Will post back here what happens once I've gotten to the bottom of this if anyone cares to follow!
  11. Thanks, I think that's what I'll suggest. I don't want to blow things up at this point so will just say that I still can't quite line up what's been done with what's in the drawings and would like peace of mind by getting confirmation from the structural engineer.
  12. Thanks that makes more sense and that ties back to what it says on the plan which refers to a "12mm plate" and the way the notch has been cut for the join to the larger beam.
  13. This is the beam that is installed right up where the joists are. Is that a T or an I shape or neither?
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