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Spoke to the guy disconnecting electric for our house re demolishing & re 3 phase

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Hi so as he detached the meter I asked him about the pole at the rear of the property which is against our wall which carries 3 phase. He said he could be back and would likely fit a 'night and day' in a box directly underneath at our side of the wall. That the builders would run the service from that. Frankly we will have 4 showers (5 adults in house) and intend to get an electric car as soon as practical/when the world settles down.

Anyway this night and day, does that refer to tariffs?

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Sounds like an old school reference to E7 meter but that's obsolete with smart meters, and anyway not the responsibility of "the guy" installing the 3phase from the pole, as it's supplier vs DNO responsibility


Who exactly does the guy work for, and what was that company asked to do?

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