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Thick underlay for laminate


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We originally wanted engineered timber floors and have set our door thresholds, kitchen gables etc 20mm above the screed. The reality of a young child and all the water, mud, stones, and generall abuse that comes with it, has changed our minds to laminate.


Most seem to he 8-12mm thick, some 14mm. We'd need to get a total thickness of 18mm or else we'll be off at our front door and bi-folds.


5mm wood fibre would get us close if we went for 14mm laminate. Could this be double up if we went for a thinner laminate? Or would it be too soft?




(Above as an example only)


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I have just used some of the 5mm wood fibre stuff from screwfix, really impressed with it for the price. I can’t see any problem doubling it up as it is quite dense and will not squash under a distributed load like laminate

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