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Remove light surface scuffs from wood floor

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methylated So following another post here...

I removed a section of caulking between the skirting and my wood flooring as it looked nasty. This isn't laminate flooring and I am told these are wood floors that can be sanded etc. I have noticed in daylight that where the caulking has been removed it has left some marks; either from the caulking or from me scraping it. The later is probably the case. Is there anything I can apply to this as to be fair it just looks like the top coating has been marred. I can live with it if not; it was my wife of all people that called it out lol.


Moving forward to remove the rest, I will try some Goo Gone to make it easier... Somebody suggested methylated spirits but I am wary of using that on wood flooring. I have got an area in a store cupboard I can try as a test first though.



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Meths is unlikely to harm it, as it'll not soften a lacquer if any has been applied, and will only slightly lift an oil finish.


Perhaps try a little 000 / 0000 grade steel wool with meths, and rub over area gently, until marks are removed.  Make sure to try to work "with" the grain, although with such fine grade steel wool, it's not likely to scratch oak to any degree.


If that does the trick, buff dry with clean cloth and then apply a decent flooring oil or danish oil to restore colour.


Give it a go on an inconspicuous spot and see how you get on.

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