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Neighbour's window and guttering issue

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Hi there,


I would be grateful for any ideas please as we are struggling to come up with a suitable resolution.


We are planning a two storey extension which would ideally project 2m beyond the rear wall of our neighbours house, as shown in the photograph. We were intending on having a shared valley gutter with eaves the same height as the higher section of their roof.


However there is currently a high level hallway window in place, as shown on the photo. Our architect has advised that if we build on the party wall, past this, it wouldn't comply with building regulations because water could ingress back into the bottom of the window. Clearly the window would not comply with building regs in it's current form, because the lead flashing isn't high enough.


If we lower our eaves to the height of the lower roof, we lose a lot of head room.


Struggling to find an alternative design. Any help or ideas would be most appreciated!


Many thanks!03 - Proposed elevations.pdf






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Thanks for your response Dave. We've asked them and sadly they've said no. No doubt they'll need to replace the window in a few years time and regret turning down our offer, but not sure what else we can do to convince them now!

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