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Keeping the dust down - sealing a screed floor


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Our screed moisture level is still too high to put down wooden floors - and we're moving in tomorrow. Would like to paint on something like watered down PVA to keep the dust down but still allow the screed to dry.


Any reccomendations or advice? It's a cement based liquid screed.

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I don't think you want to seal it, as the moisture still needs to escape, I think you can use a concrete stabilising solution, but you need to check with the screed manufacturer for suitability



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Sandy is just in the process of sealing all ours at the moment with the Larsen pink Acrylic primer. I'd done the floors that I'd already tiled with it, as I'm using their tile adhesive...


The MIs say a single 50/50 coat is permeable but you could give Larsen Technical a call for confirmation

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