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Permission granted but its not what we want to build


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So a brief timeline over the last 15months.


We applied for planning and was told we needed ecological survey. Once we got this through the Planners rejected the planning app. With an informal chat we were able to get something agreed. This isn't what we wanted but set a precedence for the size of the project. Reapplied for the original plan on the basis the rejections were subjective. They have recently declined the second app. The issues are surrounding the front facade. Everything else is fine. 


So now we are at a crossroads with 4 options.

1. Build the house based on the approved design (the roof in particular above the garage is a mess)

2. Appeal the decision with an undetermined time to build. If this fails go to point 3 or 4.

3. Put a pre app in for an ammendment some a compromise. 

4. Start all again, write off the money spent so far and design something fresh with a view to demolish the existing. 


Realistically option 1 isn't possible for my own sanity. The other points are likely delay a build for 6-12 months. 


Does anyone have any advise.


Pic 1: Proposed. The one we want

Pic 2, 3 and 4: approved elevations 





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After 3 planning applications were denied we applied for what the planners wanted, the ground floor was exactly the same!! So we started building but went to appeal on application number 1, we won at appeal (planners told they were not abiding by their own policies) and the builder had not got to first floor level so we ended up with what we wanted. Appeal is easy to do, I did my own, planners even told me o would probably win if I went to appeal. So if only the top floor is different this approach will enable you to start at least.

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We did similar to Joe, proceeded at risk! Shitty way to spend several weeks, but we had a really good dialogue with the planner so when we got a design verbally "generally agreed" we went full speed ahead to meet builders timing whilst last few details were agreed!

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Maybe try the shapes of your preferred design, but the materials of the approved.


I can see the planners might say your preferred design means the side gables look too dominant on the street scene or too bulky, by changing the material you make the middle rendered section appear the most prominent feature with the side wings blending into the background more.


Overall I personally don't think the front hangs together exactly 'right' in either design, but maybe you have constraints that are not immediately obvious

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I honestly like the one you got permission for better, the first one is ‘too much’ for me, the bottom ones are more balanced. 

my recommendation is this, get yourself a 3D model done. See if you like it in 3D because your drawings are fairly ugly style, but I think the design is rather splendid, maybe needs a few tweaks but it’s nearly there for me. I could learn to love it.


the side is a bit of a state, agreed. That could be fixed.


maybe you could add on the bits you like to the rear where the planners are more open to things since they aren’t seen from the road.

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As discussed before, I think you will do better to demolish and design and build from scratch, saving the VAT and no longer constrained by the existing footprint.  You existing consent will be a great help.


I would still be interested to know what you had in mind for curtains / blinds for the upper floors with the glazed gables and dormers?

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