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Is mortar strong enough for lateral restraint straps


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Timber first floor, cavity wall blocks inner leaf, brick or stone outer leaf. Question re lateral restraint straps.


Currently lateral restraint straps are being inserted through 1:5 cement:sand mortar perpends, with little or no anchoring to the 7N aircrete blocks of the inner leaf. Will the mortar alone be strong enough to serve the purpose of the straps?


Some 1:6 mortar is said to have 7N/mm2 compressive strength at 28 days. Still, seems a bit dicey.


To insist or not insist, on anchoring the straps to blocks. That is the question.

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2 minutes ago, Russell griffiths said:

Has it not got a 90 degree turn on the end into the cavity.

But instead of the vertical bit sitting against the block surface, it will sit against the perpend mortar. Is that sufficient?

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