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Help me to understand GSHP performance

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4 minutes ago, IanMcP said:

is there any benefit to putting ASHP in its own little outbuilding ? any issues connecting up ? and then it's not subject to the full blast of any outside cold air, it's getting a little lift and protection ? 

But an ASHP needs to shift a lot of air to extract a little bit of heat from a lot of air.


Put it in a little outbuilding and it will quickly cool that outbuilding down and then stop working.


They need to be outside for a good reason.

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5 minutes ago, IanMcP said:

ASHP in its own little outbuilding

That  might work if there was another source of waste heat, for example from a freezer room. The room would act as a plenum. Even then it would have to be more of an enclosure than a room so that the chilled air can be expelled.

But that is really a commercial situation and not for a house, but even then is so complex that I have not seen it done.


As ProDave says, it needs a lot of air, and free movement of that air. Have you stood next to a powerful ASHP?  I recommend it to get a feel for the dynamics, then you won't consider a housing, or even a screen or a hedge. The fan has to draw in fresh air and get completely rid of the chilled air, otherwise it draws in the chilled air again and you don't get the energy you need.


In my own opinion, many units are positioned too close to a wall, even tucked into a corner, where the chilled air can't get away properly.

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