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Water appeared unnanounced


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After a fair bit of rainfall this damp/wet patch keeps appearing in my cellar. It looks like the previous owner has cemented there, so not sure if its an issue that has been there before. Nothing came up on the house survey when I bought the house. Any advice on what to do with it.


It drys up after a few days and it definetly doesn't appear to be dripping from above as I can't feel any wet areas above. Seems to be coming from below, and like I said mainly when we have heavy rainfall.


Really hard to check the surrounding rooms as its right below in the cellar so you cant access anything beyond the breezeblocks or concrete floor. Was thinking of painting over the floor with garage floor paint. Is that a good idea? or should I do any other treatment first?


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It’s a cellar … if this is an older house then it was built to be cold and damp. If you want to stop water getting in then it’s a big outside drain as above, otherwise you can only manage the water once it’s inside, drainage channel, sump, pump etc.

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54 minutes ago, markc said:

it was built to be cold and damp

Making it dry and even warm, ie into a proper room would be expensive.

If that is the worst it gets then you are lucky, and perhaps you can live with it.

A small sump and an automatic pump (£100 incl pipes) will probably suffice if you want rid of it.


Let's hope that forming the sump doesn't break a barrier and cause more water ingress. Unlikely but  take it slowly 


But first, check if any outside pipes or surfaces are casting water in the  direction of this wall. If so, change that as the priority.

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