UFH upstairs or not?

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We are having a ASHP to provide our heating and hot water. We are have a new concrete slab so we are having wet UFH installed throughout downstairs.


We are undecided on what to have upstairs, we would like it in the bathroom and ensuite but when I spoke to a supplier yesterday they thought it would be better to have electric UFH in the bathrooms and they traditional (oversized rads) in the bedrooms/bathrooms


Upstairs will be completely new (currently a bungalow) so will be joisted and 22 T&G flooring


What have people done/suggest in this situation?


All advice and ideas greatly appreciated

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We went for the belt and braces approach with our new build back in 2018 - Wet UFH upstairs as well as downstairs operating via n ASHP. So. a couple of years on, would we do anything different? 


I can see the benefits of electric UFH in the bathroom and en suite BUT I wouldn't opt for rads in the bedrooms, simply because of the wall space that we would lose as a result. So, from a personal point of view, I probably wouldn't change anything because I'm not sure no heating in the bedrooms would be the way forward for us.

I can at least control the UFH within the bedrooms when not being used by guests etc.

Finally, the other factor to consider in this equation is budget - we were fortunate enough to be in the situation whereby our budget didn't impede our decision making, so went for the belt and braces approach as mentioned.

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if you have the ceiling height upstairs then underfloor for sure. I'd also have wet rads in all the bathrooms for the times when you dont want heating to the whole house but do want it to the bathrooms.

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