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Northern Ireland Building control sign off

Ronan 1

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To the lads in NI I was supposed to have my BC paperwork gone in for approval with the hope of having it ok'd very shortly after planning but I've just found out due to "Covid" and now holidays it's still not gone in. 

As I'm keeping my existing house I'm getting a mortgage to build this new one so I need sign off before the mortgage company will process everything so I am wondering how long BC sign off took from submission so I can chat my blocklayer and give him a more realistic date which hopefully he can do ? 

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Delays in getting Building Control (Plan) Approval will largely depend on the quality of the information submitted by your agent.


Insufficient information, contradictory information and non-compliance with the Building Regulations and Technical Booklets on any submitted application will mean the application is rejected and additional information requested from your agent.


Don't blame your BCO. Get the information correct the first time around.


And although we are working from home we’re not sunbathing - it’s too hot!

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