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Minimum space required for an integrated kitchen dishwasher unit


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I want to more or less replicate the below set-up:




except that my situation has some differences to that shown here. Here, the wall on the right has been plastered and painted whereas our wall will be tiled with 17mm clay tiles. 


The space I have to fit the dishwasher between the sink unit and the bare wall (which is currently bare blockwork) is 640mm. That wall needs to be tiled.  Although I won't tile the area of the wall that is covered by the side of the dishwasher or that meets the worktop, as that won't be visible, I do need to tile the rest of the wall - can I just tile directly onto it?


I don't have space to affix a wooden baton to the wall to support the worktop (which is about 2300mm long and 650mm deep and probably 30mm thick Caesarstone (i.e. quartz).  To try and fit this all in, I'm considering using about eight of these galvanised steel brackets attached to the blockwork to create a support for the worktop, rather than attach a baton to the wall, simply because there is no space for the baton.


If I allow 3mm for adhesive, that leaves me with 620 for the dishwasher. The tiles are not very big: 200mm x 65mm clay tiles, although they are installed flush with each other with no grouting and are then sealed with sealant (we are not using these on our splashback, it's just for this wall). @nod what do you think, does 3mm of adhesive sound right for clay tiles this size?


That would leave a clear opening of 620mm for the integrated dishwasher. Is this enough? The Bosch dishwasher we have in the rental we are staying in whilst our house is destroyed  re-done, is integrated, with a door width of 597mm (even though the spec of the dishwasher describes it as being 600mm wide. If I install it 1.5mm from the sink unit (as it's been installed in our rental) then that leaves me with 21.5mm clearance on the right hand side before I hit the tiles. Is that enough? The space between the (plastered and painted) pictured below is 37mm thick and has been filled with two 18mm decorative end panels.



As we are using a DIY Kitchen carcases, but getting our own doors CNC cut from oak staves, instead of these end panels, can I just get the CNC company to cut me a filler piece that is 11.5mm thick, and then make the dishwasher door 10mm wider on that side, thereby making up the 21.5mm gap? Anyone see any problems with that?


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You have 640mm from the sink unit to the bare wall.  A dishwasher is 600mm wide and you need 10mm of clearance.  Plenty of room to attach a 25mm batten straight to the wall to support the end of the worktop.


Tile above the worktop and in front of it,. allowing 610mm for the DW and clearance, you have 30mm to get your 17mm tiles plus adhesive plus any base coat plaster you choose to apply.

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