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Joining timber framed extension to existing brickwork


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I'm looking for some guidance on how to join a new timber frame to an existing wall. The timber frame will be clad with timber feather edge board so no brickwork to tie in with a wall starter kit.

Do I just fix the timber stud to the brick wall with resin anchors, a vertical DPC and then some sort of flashing in the corner?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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I'm NOT an expert in this, but I have been searching for an answer to a similar question, trying to work out if I need a movement gap. 


I found two things mentioning this: 


1. An article in Homebuilding & Renovating magazine says that with brick to timber extensions it's "usually" achieved by steel channel ties. (I've found no evidence to back this up given my inability to find a supplier who does a steel channel tie compatible with brick to timber.)

2. A thread on screwfix about attaching timber extension to brick wall and allowing for movement says the OP is overthinking it for a small extension, and the recommendation there is to just bolt the timber frame to the brick wall with a DPC. One reply said he could maybe leave a few mm leeway in the hole in the timber for the bolt to allow for any expansion. 


For flashing, the H&R article suggests filling in any gap with a flexible sealant, again to allow for movement. 


Sorry not to have a definitive answer, but seeing as you haven't had any replies I thought I'd share where I had got with my search.

Best of luck with your project. I'm currently planning a very similar thing!

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I believe you posted this same question some time ago & got no takers then. Since we 're all in the same boat, I'll add my tuppence worth!

I will be having the same issue, connecting my TF extension to a 120 year old Victorian brick corner.

As I see it, there are 2 issues: 1) movement - the masonry is not going anywhere ( the Germans had a go when they bombed the factory across the road & slightly cracked some lintels & moved an older add-on, but I digress) & 2) weather tightness. In a conversation i had once with a builder of oak framed buildings, he alluded to a system he'd developed but wouldn't divulge - for obvious reasons. So, my inner-engineer got to thinking that it's a bit more than bolts, resin & great wodges of butyl filler.

Tho I havent firmed up on this, my approach would be: resin anchors; slotted holes in the timber; something like comprimat in 2 strips @ the outer edges of the stud; all made weathertight by liberal application of a butyl-type filler.

So, the join will be watertight & shrinkage will be accomodated.

Hope that helps & after you!!

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