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We have funny water, I don’t know if you call it hard or limescale but our kettle fills up with stuff you would normally find in an underground cave. 

Im interested in protecting our water system in the house and stopping staining on things, the staining on taps I can live with it just means we need to clean more. 

The wife personally hates softened water as it does weird stuff to her shampoo and other girly stuff


im more looking at the protection side of things, all ufh is in plastic and all pipework in house will be plastic it’s the cylinder and manifolds and ASHP I’m worried about, is there another way to protect stuff. 

Ta very much. 

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There are two types of hard water mostly calcium carbonate (chalk) is the white stuff


heating pipes should not fur up as there is only one lot of water in the heating system and it is rarely changed.


Tony’s tips for kettle -only boil the exact amount needed, fully empty and brush out the element after each use - no scale it forms as water cools down

hot cylinder, keep on 24/7 at lowest possible temperature. Change fitting and pipe at the top every ten years, immersion every 5 


hot water pipes will be ok , tap delivery gauzes and sinters/plastic bits and shower heads, soak in vinegar monthly 


should not be a problem for the ashp







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