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Where's Nick?


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5 hours ago, DeeJunFan said:

But in fairness he did say he was busy at the moment.

Busy isn't the word. It's manic at the moment. 

Self employment is very much like a roller coaster. You're either on it doing 125 mph, or you're on the side watching it go by. 

Right now, however, I'm sat in front of my nice warm chimnea, bud in hand, slowly turning the spicy pork and Spanish chorizo sausages on the BBQ. 25 to 10 at night is my tea time, and it's magic. Picked up two one-tonne bags of white wood off site today ( thanks to the roof being just over 2.4 and the timbers having been ordered at 3m :) so plenty of just the right size off cuts ) and the first couple are crackling away as I type. Tres, bien. 

I've put 20 chipolatas on too for the kids' brekky. They love cold BBQ sausages in the morning. 4 kids vs 20 of them = no waste. 

If any of you have cordless power tools, then this is a good one.....


my ipad is currently topping up off one of those right now, from a 4.0ah makita 18v battery. Handiest thing I ever bought, ( beside the 500 other handy things I bought of course ) and charges 2x small devices or 1 tablet with ease. Great if you're on site and your mobile needs a charge, with no scrabbling around for a plug point and the phone can stay with you where you're working ( so no legging it or jumping off ladders to answer the call ). 

Knowledge is power......and you're all now 2% more powerful people. When you get to 80% I'll start to harvest the energy to heat my hot water :D


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I'm a sucker for the power bank things-nature of working in London is often Public Transport so compact is King. 

Bought my wife one that triples up as a torch & hand warmer-romance is alive & kicking in SE London.!!

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