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  1. Those rates & the covered wet time suggest they’re on the cards I.e. essentially bona fide employees. NW rates I see on social media groups are around £500/1000 & £14/m2 blockwork & that’s through a brickwork firm taking a cut.
  2. Brickie

    Chainsaw Angle Grinder Attachment

    Reminds me of on old boy I worked with years ago,Farty John. He was notoriously laboured about his diy projects. He got some spare tiles for his bathroom from site & put them by his front door when he got home. Legend had it that by the time he put them up,they’d been outdoors so long that they’d weathered
  3. @Tom any chance you could cast your eyes over the Brexit bill :))
  4. Brickie

    Insulation toxicity?

    Hi all, The sale of my late Mother’s house is close to completion but the buyer has expressed concern about the cavity insulation & wants it tested (at our cost!) Firstly,I’ve never heard of this before-is this a ‘thing’? Secondly-the insulation was done in the 90’s or 00’s under a Government scheme so surely there’s a database showing where’s been done,by whom & using what (to prevent fraud if nothing else) but I can’t get anywhere with Google. Any suggestions? Tia
  5. Brickie

    Forget PV and start thing magic mushrooms.

    Yeah @Onoff-Button it!
  6. Brickie

    Forget PV and start thing magic mushrooms.

    @MikeSharp01 whoever wrote this must be a real fun guy! (sorry,two yard tap in too easy to resist!)
  7. Brickie

    Cavity Wall - No Insulation

    Possibly-blown in beads is not uncommon on New Builds.
  8. Brickie

    Paving close to DPC / level thresholds?

    How about a rendered plinth,225mm (3 courses) up from dpc? Be careful not to bridge the dpc though.
  9. Brickie

    White brick house

    From a bricklayers social media group I’m in. If you like the look of it I can ask the OP for info on the bricks & mortar.
  10. Brickie

    Stove smoke > room problem.

    Won’t be helping with your smoke issue,I’d say.
  11. Brickie

    Be careful....

    A good osteopath is worth their weight in gold. Mine’s £50 for half hour & it’s money well spent. Used to use a guy (now retired) who had been on Crystal Palace’s payroll in the 70’s. I went in one day after pulling up lifting the mixer on to the stand,in agony & very restricted movement,convinced I’d be lucky if I made it back to work in a week. He wired me up to some electrical contraption which sent signals to the area in spasm & I was back at work the next day. As a side effect,I’m sometimes good for WiFi .))
  12. Brickie

    Footings for second storey on a bungalow

    Are the neighbours houses pretty much the same as yours? By that I mean,do they seem like they were built as part of the same development?
  13. Brickie

    50mm cavity, difficult to maintain damp bridge free?

    As others have said-what is the reason for the cavity?
  14. I would assume someone somewhere makes them imperial sized for remedial works on Victorian bridges etc but I’d bet they’re £££££. Have you had a sample batch of your handmade bricks delivered yet? If you use the standard metric blue engineering’s commonly available,I’d compare them in length to your face bricks. If the engineering’s are laid with 10mm Cross joints (so 215mm brick plus 10mm & so on) & your face bricks average at say 218mm then this could give you problems if any of the engineering’s are to be seen.