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  1. @Russell griffiths May I ask why 3 extensions & not one big one? Was it due to the shape of the previous building or a PD loophole to do 3 on separate occasions? Asking as I know very little about PD rights & need to swot up for my next house.
  2. Brickie

    DPM / DPC overlap best practise

    Just to add that the lap in a dpc should be minimum the width of the wall. So in your case-215mm wall means min 215mm lap at any join.
  3. Brickie

    Newly qualified brickie

    Alas,none of them ‘lucky.’
  4. Brickie

    Newly qualified brickie

    Then sit back & relax with a spritz & some stuffed peppers. You do know that’s how us brickies spend our Saturday nights,right?
  5. Brickie

    Newly qualified brickie

    Are you talking up & down on the line? If it ranges through plumb within tolerance then that’s all the plasterer needs.
  6. Have you got any pictures? And have you drilled any sections out? i find it hard to believe any section of walking was built using mud instead of mortar.
  7. Sure I went to a winter rave called ‘Thermal Mass’ once.
  8. Brickie

    Blockwork Wall Cost

    Just a couple of ads I’ve seen. The traditional regional swing in rates seems out of the window atm,for whatever reason. Leeds,Manchester,Liverpool,Midlands-all offering comparable day & price rates to the South. Wales & the far South West maybe the exceptions.
  9. Brickie

    Blockwork Wall Cost

    You’d get at least 40% more on site,with a continuation of work,fork lift bringing your gear AND a subbie making a cut on top. Go jump yourself :))
  10. Brickie

    Engineering bricks with through frog holes, a bit daft?

    ‘The mortar should be the weaker element of the wall’ (I.e. not as strong as the material it’s bedding) was a fundamental passed down to us at college. Another was the question ‘is the mortar there to keep the bricks together or to keep them apart?’ Bit of a trick that one as it has to do both to carry out its function properly,but it was intended to stimulate a different train of thought. When I was a hoddie/improver in my late teens/early twenties it was all mixed on site (except maybe jobs in the city where space was an issue so they might get ready mixed delivered.) We used to do different ratios for the external & internal walls. I think some issues arise due to building on unsuitable land (or not building with the correct system for the land.) I’ve worked on two flood plains in my time on site. One of them I know had issues with cracking before the job was even finished.
  11. Brickie

    Increasing Existing Wall Opening

    I’d be amazed if your party wall was 330mm deep,;one brick (9 inches) was standard in solid wall construction & the Victorian Builders wouldn’t have over engineered out of the goodness of their hearts. When you say the bearing wall is 140mm are you measuring plaster face to plaster face?
  12. Brickie


    That’s a wall plate.
  13. Brickie

    Strong small buckets for a pedestrian brickie.

    With a small mixer (like yours) I do a mix of 12 decent shovels full to half a bag of cement. Personally I put the dust in halfway through so I just count out loud each shovel as it goes in,eliminating the risk of mis-counting. As for mixer safety-no reason the mixer has to be turning as you load it.
  14. Brickie

    Gate Pillars

    That’ll be your dpc then.
  15. Brickie

    Gate Pillars

    If you’re using engineering bricks I wouldn’t worry about dpc.