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  1. Brickie

    Designing for blown beads at the cavity bottom.

    That’s what coring holes are for. Leave out every 4th brick on Dpc & loop some hessian from one coring hole to the next. Every morning,you simply turn the hessian loop,bringing any mortar droppings from inside the cavity to the outside. Anywhere you have a door opening can be cleaned with a batten,rodding any droppings to your coring holes but you need to take care not to get too vigorous & make a tear in the tray.
  2. Brickie

    I need to order some footing blocks, what types?

    I have to say that,so long as the quality is decent,you will have had an absolute result on those prices. I see posts on social media for jobs in the North East,North West & even Scotland exceeding those rates,and that’s from a Subbie who’s taking a cut and would be with forklift/crane on site with silo mortar & horizontal loading only (I.e. no ladder work.)
  3. Brickie

    Mr Luxton redoes 80% of his plaster!

    @nod will put me right here if I’m wrong but I was told the golden rules of Plastering are 1/ control background suction & 2/ right amount of key between coats. Mess one or both of those up & you’ve got problems.
  4. Brickie

    Article on the BBC about battery storage

    Have to say-I think Parlour’s book would shade it on tales of dressing room hi jinks :))
  5. Brickie

    Naaah mate, roofers round here don't use that....

    “Angle grinder?? Angle grinder?? The Egyptians didn’t need them to build the Pyramids did they!!” Cam be extremely frustrating trying to get brickies to use labour saving gadgets (a large percentage,possibly 50% still think profiles are a waste of time.) I had a Hod carrier refuse to use my brick lifters as “my job’s a Hod carrier,which means I carry the Hod. “
  6. Brickie

    Article on the BBC about battery storage

    If it’s half as good as Ray Parlour’s autobiography then it’s a cracking read.
  7. Brickie

    Any special measures for a hot weather concrete pour?

    Heard talk from the older guys I used to work about the summer of ‘76 (my memories of it are only of being a 3 year old naturist in the garden,with embarrassing photo evidence still around.) Apparently they had to soak hessian as Jeremy says to cover the walls,or they would dry out too quickly & crack.
  8. Brickie

    Beguiled by thin-joint.

    Yes,only any good for aerated blocks though.
  9. Brickie

    Beguiled by thin-joint.

    A block saw is dead handy if you don’t have many to do,you get a lovely straight cut.
  10. Brickie

    Plan C, leave aircrete walls naked for a winter?

    If you do decide to go with the thin joint system, I’d first urge you to a) do one of those 10 day courses at a private training provider & b) see if you can find a specific course for thin joint system. If, after doing both of these you feel confident that you can handle it then start considering it for your build. A 10 day course is no substitute for an apprenticeship but obviously that’s out of the question, but the more hands on tuition you receive the better. Youtube videos are a useful resource but nothing compares to learning in the flesh. As I said, I only did thin joint once, probably 15 years ago now but I’d been on the tools for 5 years by then & had my qualifications, & I still struggled.
  11. Brickie

    Plan C, leave aircrete walls naked for a winter?

    If the desire to be watertight asap is driving this,then would it not be simpler to look at TF? With system you’re describing the materials costs are stacking up,never mind the labour. Would planning accept brick effect render system? Have seen some done in conjunction with EWI & the results were pretty good.
  12. Brickie

    DPC and Ground Level

    A/ it can do but it’s s bit fiddly to get it exactly bedded asyou would a 100mm strip of Dpc so for the sake of it I’d use 100mm too. We used to cut the membrane,slip the tray under & then staple the membrane back. PLEASE get some info from the TF company first before doing any of this though. B/ possibly,depends on how tough/frost rated your facing brick above is though. I’d make the muck a bit stronger,or use Sulphate resistant up to dpc. With your kickers coming loose,try dipping them in water before bedding them. This should kill the suction & stop them drying out too quick.
  13. Brickie

    What is it ?

    I have to admit-the same gag pops in my head every time.
  14. Brickie

    Beguiled by thin-joint.

    Only ever done it once & didn’t get much guidance at the time,so found it a PITA. I’ve seen brickies on Social media swear by it though. Things I would want to research would be expansion joints,advice on how many courses to go at a time,things like that. As was mentioned on another thread-are you really sure this is going to be a consideration? I.E. have you made a rudimentary programme of all the Site activities (not to mention the off site hoops that need jumping through) between now & you being at the stage where you need facing bricks on Site? Which is normally,foundation blockwork in,ground floor structural slab or b&b in,drainage in,,Site power on,welfare facilities sorted. I know the brick lead time seems daunting but it’s amazing how the weeks can fly by just getting yourself to that stage. A bit of bad weather,some unforeseen problem in the ground,a utilities contractor not being available when you want them or taking ages to do their bit-there are so many things that can slow progress down at the start its unreal.