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  1. Brickie

    White brick house

    From a bricklayers social media group I’m in. If you like the look of it I can ask the OP for info on the bricks & mortar.
  2. Post-Brexit Id imagine you could pick up bargain vinyl copies of anything by ‘Foreigner’.
  3. Brickie

    Stove smoke > room problem.

    Won’t be helping with your smoke issue,I’d say.
  4. I strongly believe that the agent has handled things appallingly,probably based on the fact that a flat fee was agreed by my brother with them rather than a % of sale. Its a semi & the attached house was sold over a year ago,with 10 metres less garden & below market value for a quick sale so the vendor could complete their own move at the same as we’re getting now for my Mum’s. i get that the market is ‘what it is’ at any given time but have my suspicions about the agent possibly taking a bung. Anyway,we’ve accepted from a different buyer so no use crying over spilt milk etc.
  5. Brickie

    Be careful....

    A good osteopath is worth their weight in gold. Mine’s £50 for half hour & it’s money well spent. Used to use a guy (now retired) who had been on Crystal Palace’s payroll in the 70’s. I went in one day after pulling up lifting the mixer on to the stand,in agony & very restricted movement,convinced I’d be lucky if I made it back to work in a week. He wired me up to some electrical contraption which sent signals to the area in spasm & I was back at work the next day. As a side effect,I’m sometimes good for WiFi .))
  6. Thanks again. The agent doesn’t know what an exclusivity agreement is,& is suggesting a 28 day exchange once an offer is accepted. The market appears to be sluggish pre -Brexit,(not swamped with offers,that’s for sure) so maybe we’d be better taking his advice,rather than giving the impression of heavy handedness towards the buyer when they seem to be holding the aces,as it were.
  7. @Mr Punter in your experiences,who was the payment made to? The vendor or the agent?
  8. That’d be a great help,thanks ever so much.
  9. Thanks-could you give a ballpark figure of what’s typical,from your own experience? The sale price will be around £700k,if that’s of any relevance.
  10. Hard to explain without pictures but the layout is such that no one will really want to buy & keep ‘as is.’
  11. Not really. The biggie on the survey was that the roof needs some remedial work-there is partial spread near the party wall. Our position is-any serious buyer will want to remodel the first floor completely,to achieve in one master en-suite,which would mean propping the roof. Given that,then a loft conversion is also a no brainer whilst all that work’s being done,& means no need to prop roof,which then means the remedial work is done as part of the new roof make up. A bit convoluted,I know but in short-a serious buyer will convert the loft so the roof isn’t really an issue.
  12. Hi all, My siblings & I are in the long process of selling our late mother’s house. We were very close to completion before the buyer,on the basis of the survey,tried to reduce the price by £50,000,which we rejected out of hand. It’s now back on the market but the interest & offers are disappointing. The potential buyer is now back on the scene,though not yet at a bid we would accept. My question is-if we were to proceed with him,would we be unreasonable to ask for a bond/non-returnable deposit to protect ourselves from him trying the same stunt again? Does anyone have any experience of such a scenario? As a footnote,are there any ‘outside the box’ avenues of sale we should consider? The house is need of full renovation,with scope for loft conversion & rear extension as the semi-detached neighbour has just completed these. It’s in a very desirable area-always in those ‘top ten places to live’ lists. Thanks in advance.
  13. Brickie

    Sex for rent

    Years ago I had to have strong words with a slimy driving instructor,who had made suggestive comments to my niece whilst teaching her. The same guy used to teach a couple of Saturday girls at my sisters’ work,& she’d notice they would discreetly buy condoms before their lessons. Yuk.
  14. Brickie

    Footings for second storey on a bungalow

    Are the neighbours houses pretty much the same as yours? By that I mean,do they seem like they were built as part of the same development?
  15. Brickie

    50mm cavity, difficult to maintain damp bridge free?

    As others have said-what is the reason for the cavity?