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  1. Stumbling at first hurdle?

    +1 to the above questioning 215mm blockwork. As said,you’d be far better off with 100mm & either a wider cavity (with more insulation) or standard 100mm cavity with iwi. Either option would give you the deep reveals you’re keen on at a far smaller cost & a warmer house. Personally,I’d go for Iwi in your position. Trusting your average brickwork gang to insulate properly is wishful thinking,and not easily rectified if discovered later on. Ps if I were pricing drawings that showed 215mm blockwork internally I’d be booking a villa in Spain for a month!
  2. My brothers run a small demolition firm & have parquet & roof boards (great for flooring as once de-nailed no nasty surprises when sanding!) on their current job in Hemel. Not out yet I believe but coming next week or so. Admins-as they are a limited company this post may contravene forum rules. If so,please delete.
  3. Aaaarrggghhhh!

    Yours & any lurking Pirates
  4. Aaaarrggghhhh!

    Ah,it's a modified version of English bond,with the stretchers staggered to avoid a weakness with sectional joints as you would have with true bond & header course every 3rd. This bond may have a name but it's not one we were taught for Advanced Craft City & Guild's!
  5. Aaaarrggghhhh!

    Can't quite see from the angle of the photo but from your description sounds like English bond. All long face of block showing one course,all narrow face showing the next? Back to the OP-looks good so far-sectional joints through the wall tell me they know what they're doing (or at very least they know the rules of bonding!)
  6. Aaaarrggghhhh!

    Shame the engineering bricks are already on site or Id be saying get concrete blocks in,if it absolutely has to be masonry. And as for them speccing Flemish bond.... The strongest bond is header bond ( all bricks paid with header face showing.) Followed by English Bond (alternate courses of headers & stretchers.) Flemish is my favourite aesthetically but it is NOT a bond selected for its strength. If you're now down to a 1 & a half brick wall (as a 3 skin deep wall is referred to-a 9" wall is a one brick wall,4" is half brick etc) then I'm extremely tempted to recommend building two outer skins as a cavity wall with wall ties & back filling the cavity with concrete. The Labour saving on this method would be substantial. Good luck.
  7. Repointing found issues

    I'm guessing it's lime mortar if you can pull it out that easily?
  8. Telescopic air vents

    I'd say there's no problem with it,is standard practice to do it that way. Best run it past BC or your architect/engineer first though. Would be a pain to have to alter it after!
  9. And then there was none.

    Sorry to hear that Dave. Just a thought-do you have any sparky mates your way who do Rail work? I did some a couple of years back when money was dead tight. 2-3 nights a week gave me a boost in income & I was still just about able to carry on with my day job. Exhausting,but if it freed up your days to carry on,albeit a lot more slowly,might be worth doing the PTS course. I'd say from experience,only worth it if you have or can make some contacts in Rail. It's a fair outlay at first (around £400) to do the medical & the course. Good luck.
  10. Garden wall: DPC ?

    +1 to Russell-personally I'd run a vertical Dpc at the junction & make it a movement joint.
  11. Deep brick reveals

    Can you not insulate around the reveal & fix the frame in line with the cavity? If there's enough play in the size of the frame maybe insulated plasterboard up the reveals too?
  12. Deep brick reveals

    So,just to clarify,you're positioning the frames flush with the inner leaf?
  13. Boiler whistling

    Any particular tune?
  14. Is she finished?

    I'm not saying she made the right decisions in any given situation-just that I believe her overall motivations are genuine. Which is a hell of a lot more than can be said for BJ,NF,Gove etc
  15. Is she finished?

    As someone who's about as far from a Tory as is possible,I have some sympathy for her. From what I know of her,I believe she is in politics for the 'right' reasons,a genuine desire to improve the lives of people who maybe have things unfairly weighted against them. I think you're right about her 'interim' status,BJ couldn't be clearer about his intentions but isn't silly enough to want to be the one holding the Brexit hot potato.