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  1. Brickie

    Template for scaffold tie points.

    Yeah,the scenario you describe is a good one-system scaffolds have roses at every half metre on the standards for the ledgers & putlogs to clip to. So,when a lift goes up,you can have the inside two boards dropped down half a metre from the rest,putting you at nice height for your materials & you’re laying at somewhere around knee height. When you’ve come up a decent height,without stretching,you bring the inside two back up level & carry on the rest of the lift. Adaptions will be needed for the roofers so they’re only stepping up a little onto the roof,and on gables for the brickies. We used to have it up a metre sometimes just to finish off the peak.
  2. Brickie

    Sleeper Walls and Reducing Thermal Bridge

    Are the joist ends bedded in the outside walls or sat on sleeper walls? If it’s the latter,then I don’t see a problem. If it’s the former,maybe you could chase out & fix them on hangers,with some Dpc taped round the ends for good measure. The ventilation could be solved by installing trlescopic vents on the back of the existing air bricks.
  3. Brickie

    Template for scaffold tie points.

    +1 and maybe get a comparison cost from a system scaffold supplier. As long as your build is reasonably square it’s a great way to do it. Very easy to adapt for the roofers & renderers (if you have any.) When I worked in it we adapted it ourselves (though we shouldn’t have.) Once you’ve seen the guys doing it it’s pretty idiot proof.
  4. Brickie

    Sleeper Walls and Reducing Thermal Bridge

    Or,if the floor is out (or mostly out,how about putting it back in 75mm lower (1 brick course) & doing the system @Mr Punter suggested,bit with 50mm insulation instead?
  5. Brickie

    Sleeper Walls and Reducing Thermal Bridge

    There’s a product for sealing the gaps between the boards,I believe. I would imagine there’s a wall plate on top of the sleeper walls already,to receive the joists. It would be unusual for them to sit directly into brickwork (via the Dpc)
  6. Brickie

    Template for scaffold tie points.

    I haven’t seen one for years,probably 2003 last one I worked on. The Subbie I worked for then had his own scaffolders so wasn’t going to change his whole scaffold stock without a fight. Best Ive worked on is system scaffold,especially if timber frame. Being able to drop down the inside 2 boards is a godsend at lift height.
  7. I had a disappointing experience at my local optician recently:- Me:You’ve got to help me,I keep thinking I’m a moth!! Optician:I’m sorry to hear that but this is an optician’s shop,you need to see a psychiatrist. Me:Yes,I know. Optician:Well why did you come in then??! Me:The light is on.
  8. Brickie

    Template for scaffold tie points.

    Wait till it comes down & the empty perps are filled in a rush cos the scaffs are screaming at the brickie to get finished so they can carry on striking... i can spot where putlog scaffold’s been used for years afterwards sometimes for this reason alone.
  9. Re sleep I can recommend getting a speaker pillow from Amazon or EBay. Got mine when I was doing nights on the railway-even though I was exhausted found it difficult,stressful even to demand my mind shut down. So I got one,installed the iplayer radio app & listened to Westminster Hour,In our time or another discussion programme-anything with no big jumps in audio level & long enough that I could focus my mind on it & let sleep happen,rather than forcing it.
  10. Brickie

    Trades Folk Sayings

    It’s always been dust to me (born & bred Southerner) & the finished product (I.e. mortar) is muck. Not compo. Not gobbo. Not mud (Antipodeans!). Muck. That is all from a grumpy & unwell Brickie,overjoyed at the prospect of a week’s repointing in Covent Garden with a co worker whose halitosis could rake the old muck out on its own. Good night :))
  11. Brickie


    Have heard people speak of bicarbonate of soda as a solution,but I can’t vouch for its effectiveness & would urge caution & LOTS of research before applying anything. As has been said,it’s a pain but will go away in time.
  12. Brickie


    I’d say rainwater has got in the cavity. In an ideal world the cavity would always be covered up but it’s not always possible if the inner & outer leaves are at different heights when they go home.
  13. Brickie

    House construction

    Could it be the hole you’ve opened up for s at a floor level & you’ve got concrete plank floor?
  14. Brickie

    Hello and yes, it's a renovation blog.

    I’m in SE25,last postcode before Croydon. Believe me,the local wrong uns don’t behave any better because they’re in ‘London’ & not Croydon. At a quick glance,all the exposed brickwork is stretcher bond which would 90% guarantee it’s a cavity. Ive seen cavity built houses going back to mid/late Victorian,but they really took off after WW1,partly to make up for all the bricklayers who didn’t come back. Internal skin of brickwork could be built by apprentices with a little supervision.
  15. Brickie

    Saturday night nonsense

    20. Or thereabouts if Im pricing work :))