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  1. DeeJunFan

    Does self building improve health?

    I'm the same . Anything with Fur, nuts (tree,ground and peanuts), Pollen (tree & grass), fish (White and Shellfish), Cucumber, melon, kiwi, soy & eggs I had an issue with Gluten but a dietitian had me do a reset phase. Off everything Wheat, milk & cheese for 6 months then begin to re-introduce and i'm ok with most things now. But all of my allergies are the same. Its hard to have a very healthy diet when all the healthy stuff is bad for you and all the unhealthy stuff is A OK. I'm currently starting to do some intermittent fasting as there are some good studies around it and i have a few friends who like it. Started with OMAD (one meal a day) so 23 hours fasting and 1 hour eating window. It was pretty easy to do and the energy levels were good. Then i went on a trip to India and as always happens i got the Deli Belly and a bad Flu so starting back on the OMAD next week hopefully when i'm totally recovered.
  2. Thanks for that So you have given the buffer priority over the UVC, any particular reason for that? My setup is in a complete mess as i have to date had 4 different plumbers do work on site and there is no real coherent plan between the lot of them. One made a plan and the rest are trying to follow on with it in some way. At the moment I have a setup that basically uses the UFH loops as the buffer. we will have 3 zones. UFH (downstairs) UFH (Upstairs) and DHW cylinder. Only 1 of these zones will be getting heat at any one time and the DHW will have the preference. And the UFH zone preference i believe is going to be time managed so Downstairs in the morning/afternoon and upstairs in the evening.
  3. @PeterW From Memory you went for the same one as me the Ecolane IVT from Ice Energy? Would you be able to share your pluming plan again? Thanks Damian
  4. DeeJunFan

    Does self building improve health?

    My self build health status. Fatter Balder Greyer More anxious Stressed Wrists Fooked Ankles Fooked Knees Fooked Faith in humanity severely damaged (apart from the people on here) Apart from that i'm in great shape.
  5. @stratman90 Happy days i'm building in Mayobridge so only up the road. I have all my ducting covered up and hoping to start painting this weekend. Let me know if there is anything i can help with.
  6. DeeJunFan

    Epoxy tiles

    Hi Guys, Just wondering has anyone come across Epoxy tiles. We are looking a large format tile and have found a 1200 x 1200 tile that we like the look of and price wise is really good. They are Epoxy tiles with a depth of 6mm which makes my a bit anxious as regular ceramic or porcelain tiles are usually thicker than this. Does anyone have any experience with them? Also not sure how they are cut so would any local tilers be walking away from the job or likely to charge a large (unknown) Premium? Thanks Damian
  7. What did you decide? I purchased my stuff from BPC and i got all the required ducting etc from them for first fix and ordered the unit itself at a later date as there were a number of options. I get calls from Beam every month or so even though i've told them i am going elsewhere and i have saved the reps number as something fitting to make sure i just ignore the calls from now on. Where in Newry are you based @stratman90 and i take it you are a guitar player? you in any bands?
  8. DeeJunFan

    Air tightness Paints/Sprays

    Looks a handy enough job. Suppose the best way forward is just a good bit of prep getting the sheets and planks down and then being careful putting the gear on. having looked at that i might do the timber joints with a brush and let them go off for a day or two and then do over again when doing the entire wall. Thanks lads.
  9. DeeJunFan

    Air tightness Paints/Sprays

    @Declan52 If going the sand/cement/water approach what ratios would i need. Obviously something quite wet that would roll on.
  10. DeeJunFan

    Air tightness Paints/Sprays

    aye it think a roller is the job, whichever product is going up there. I'll see how it goes. Was hoping for Early enough in the new year, but unfortunately our plumbing team has been retired. One guy lost his wife and decided to retire and the other has been hit with a chronic pain disorder and isn't able to continue working. So i'm trying to sort a plumber out mid-job who is going to understand whats going on.
  11. DeeJunFan

    Air tightness Paints/Sprays

    this one, Dont have an internal pic
  12. DeeJunFan

    Air tightness Paints/Sprays

    The window side is where i would be having office space.
  13. DeeJunFan

    Air tightness Paints/Sprays

    There is an attic window in the other side so wouldn't be as easy there.
  14. DeeJunFan

    Air tightness Paints/Sprays

    Do you think it would be very sloppy? My main concern is getting the plasterboard wet underneath and spoiling the skimmed ceiling
  15. DeeJunFan

    Air tightness Paints/Sprays

    so just for clarification its this wall i'm looking to make air-tight.