Cedar cladding osmo oil to dark

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Hi just half way into my new build project and I have just oil my lovely cedar with osmo 428 and it’s now very dark red and completed ruined my desired look with natural cedar blending in..  the samples osmo sent were not as dark yet the oil the came once dry out was not what expecting.


comments welcome 


been told I could sand back then use Osmo clear ? Which sander is best to use ??


or wait a year for it to maybe settle down 






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This is mine, that’s with one coat mine is very bright in the sun, I have a lot of variation in colour which is how the cladding came some very light some very dark, yours looks a bit more even in colour. 

I did have a lad staining mine and he was using twice as much stain as me, I brushed mine out really thin, because I’m paying for it. 

I think mine are lighter in colour. 


I have an area that that I was experimenting on and sanded a bit back, it went back to bare timber in seconds, but would be a pain if you have a deep profile. 


All  I can think of is that your original timber was very dark, then the stain is a bit heavy. 

Would be a load of work to sand down. 


Sorry not a lot of help. 


Just thinking a bit more, it looks like you stained it while up, did you put the two coats on in quick succession?



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Osmo uv protection oil doesn't fade quickly so I doubt there will be much change in a year. I tried the clear on new oak and found it way too light. So I used a coat of Danish oil first to get a nice honey colour and the clear to protect it. A year on it's still a nice honey colour so I think the uv properties are pretty good.


Before hitting it with the sander I would paint up some scrap cedar and see what happens. The stain might have penetrated unevenly so it might not sand off evenly.

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Oh to have this type of major problem to worry about! 😂

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