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Bathroom costings


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I’m at the stage where I need to fit out four bathrooms. Each bathroom will have porcelain floor tiles, Duravit white goods, a mid range vanity unit, a shower (tray, screen and fittings), two of them will have a bath. Then there’s electric towel rail and UFH, wall tiles, mirror, consumable, such as glue, grout and silicone etc.


Having gone round all the local suppliers for quotes, the bathrooms are likely to cost between £5 and £7,000. Supply only. This sounds a lot to me, but never having done a full bathroom before, is this a reasonable cost or not?  How much would you pay?

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I’d three to do If you had the time to search online you can save a small fortune 

I found a chap that had four Geberit frames When I called him he told me they where ordered and paid for for a job but wasn’t used 

£350 delivered 

Then we found three Hans Groughe showers at a fraction of the price 

We wanted a fee standing very heavy bath Sale price £1800 

A chap local to us had one a return from bath store 600

Absolutely perfect Bubble rap instead of the factory packaging 

Well worth looking 

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1 hour ago, Dreadnaught said:

@nod, great advice. Where do you look, eBay or elsewhere?

Mostly eBay 

Its surprising how many people have one or two items to clear 

Or like the Geberit Just surplus to requirement 

The chap who sold me those said they had been meant for under a windows on a job and the window was to low 

The client had paid for them and they had been in his yard for twelve moths 

We bought all our Hager Rcbos From eBay Mostly Electrician’s with a couple over Manage to buy 19 of the 20 needed Saving a couple of hundred quid 

The list goes on 



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Local supplier are useful to be able to see the items in the flesh, but you can get everything online, these day either in the UK or from Europe direct.  . Eg Duravit white goods can be found here   If you want to support local suppliers ask if they will price match

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