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Hello - Self Building in Scottish Borders

Sarah A

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Hello everyone,


We are attempting to embark on our first self build in the Scottish Borders. We are at the stage where we are about to make an offer on a plot of land and doing as much research as possible. 


I found this forum when I was researching Watching Briefs as I found out there was an Archaeological Condition on the plot we are interested in. I found some great information and look forward to learning a lot more here. 


Best wishes


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Hi @Sarah A we are one of those also in the Borders. Take a look at my blog if you have time to sit with a cup of tea.? You may find some bits useful especially when it comes to securing the plot. We undertook our build through 2018 so some of the prices etc mentioned may be a bit dated. 

Anyway, look forward to reading about your adventure as it unfolds. Our postcode if it helps is TD12 4........ 

The kettle will always be on should you feel a visit would be worthwhile.



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Hello everyone,


I'm @Sarah A's partner and will be working on this fun little project together. Lot's of very useful information and advice here.


We've also had the pleasure of meeting @Redoctober and his partner a couple of weekends ago and visiting their exemplary home in the Borders -- incidentally not too far from where we're looking to build.


Looking forward to engaging with the wider buildhub community throughout this process and making our own contributions where we can.



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Welcome Sarah we are in Northumberland about 15 m from the border and part way through our build. Which side are you on east or west? Look forward to seeing your progress. I’ll eventually put together a blog. Not the best at time management like the rest of them on here. You’ve come to the right place tho, there’s plenty of knowledge/support here ?

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