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  1. Bloody tiles cost a fortune! Looking for tiles they have to be Porcelanosa! That’s the bosses words 😳 anyone with any links/spares/connections etc. Know of any places that do discounts. OR Have a spare bag of cash that I can have! 😂 I’ve gone online there are some deals but still blown away by the prices
  2. Welcome Sarah we are in Northumberland about 15 m from the border and part way through our build. Which side are you on east or west? Look forward to seeing your progress. I’ll eventually put together a blog. Not the best at time management like the rest of them on here. You’ve come to the right place tho, there’s plenty of knowledge/support here 👍
  3. Ecology all day long. Flawless and reasonable prices. Did everything over the phone once our docs were complete.
  4. Taff


    Thanks for the response ms guys, I’m not fitting it. I requested that we use 25mm then turned up on site and a shed load of that stuff was there. It’s going on to the sips panels for an extra reduction in up’s. Just wanted to know if it was up to the job really. Suppose every little helps
  5. I just don’t want any upkeep, haven’t really looked at composite doors!our windows are aluminium as our neighbors installed wood which wasn’t thought out right. They ended up having movement in excess of 20cm’s 😳 so I’m thinking aluminium being much stronger with no upkeep apart from cobwebs! Hopefully
  6. Taff


    Anyone use celotex 25mm insulated plasterboard! Would like to know if it’s any good
  7. Yes our window supplier wanted 4K I nearly wet myself! So decided to go for the windows and not the door as they only did top of the range ones. I’ll have a look at your supplier. Was it in aluminium
  8. Looking for a front door, aluminium. Had a couple of quotes coming in around £4K 😳 anyone know of any where cheaper? Was hoping for around £1.5k
  9. Oooo! It’ll be the place where I consume vino so best look further into this, don’t want to be falling on to that in a state 😳🍷
  10. Think it’s 3.5m of top of my head
  11. So does this run the full height or is it just a piece on the top and bottom?
  12. Just had an email from window supplier. Can any one explain in lay mans terms! Re the fin. email says pic attached Good morning Chris, Reference the above, an internal fin reinforcement as below is required on the mullion of the large fixed frame (ref 20) due to the size and location. I’m highlighting this to you if you feel it is something your client will need to be aware of.
  13. Still goes over my head all I want is the Wi-Fi to work. For you nick! Yn dal i fynd dros fy mhen y cyfan rydw i eisiau yw'r Wi-Fi i weithio