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  1. Taff


    Internal humidity indoors during winter months heated during the day ??
  2. Taff


    Anyone know what an average reading winter/summer levels should be?
  3. @pocster???? think I’ve heard that once and shit myself! ? I actually thought it was aircraft outside. I emailed bpc to explain in layman’s terms. Keep you updated ??
  4. @craigcheers I will look into this tomorrow it clearly is correct ??
  5. Has anyone any simple instructions on how to work vent axia S, gone through all the menus, it has not been commissioned yet and the manual is poor don’t under stand summer bypass/ frost protection. fan speeds, how have people set these up higher extraction perhaps. not sure if internal should be producing warmish air as mine is cool! any help would be appreciated
  6. Yep that’s what has happened they have sat the windows beyond the cavity and the cavity’s are closed not sure why they did this, I wasn’t involved in much of decisions at the start that’s where things have gone wrong, I’m no builder but surely fames should have been positioned inside of the cavity, perhaps the timber structure would cure some of the coldness on the frames. I’m beginning to think we should bring the frames inwards ?
  7. Purple is the window Red is the void blue is the sips panel green is plaster board it looks a bit thicker as we put extra insulation internally it is a new build but we’ve been in 10 months! How long does it take to dry out mvHR has just been installed in the last 2 days
  8. @ProDaveThe website states they are thermally insulated With low uv
  9. @Gone WestI’ll dig out the spec of the windows I would hope they have a thermal break! I’m afraid that I’m just picking up the pieces of rouge builder and rubbish architect ?. I best get myself a hygrometer to measure. @IanR I have a feeling that they are installed incorrectly by the window company! See pic best one I got on my phone. @ProDave I’ll dig this out after a cuppa ??
  10. So we’ve had our windows in for a while now, all have been fine until the colder months have arrived. We have a sips build and used aluminium frames. The windows have been installed into the stonework and not the frame! Is this correct? reason why I ask is the frames have excessive moisture where I need to wipe them with a cloth. I understand the frames will be colder due to the material but the moisture is pretty bad. I’ve only just rigged up the MVHR so hopefully this will help. I feel if the frames were within the timber there would be less of an issue. house is extremely warm so that may be an issue and hopefully MVHR helps
  11. @pocsterWell that’s a much better idea ??? do u you have the same model?
  12. The install instructions are pants so takes ages to work through and not comprehensive enough. I was told Diy install!!! , I presume 22 mm waste pipe just inserts into the hole followed with demountable connection for the existing pipe work
  13. Morning, just pottering on with the MVHR all Plummer in apart from the boost switches, it’s a vent axia s, anyone out there with previous experience with this? everything seems to be Running ok I think! The drain outlet see picture attached seems to be sucking air is that correct? thanks for any responses ??
  14. Taff

    UFH noise

    So attempted to bleed both last night and both let out water straight away ? should it be done when system is off? should I look at pressurising the loops?
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