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  1. Do you need planning on a shepherds hut on wheels or not?
  2. You mean your not allowed out of your current accommodation!!!
  3. I know just keen to get on.
  4. That’s that then, no flipping works gonna get done 😢
  5. Taff

    Driveway Progress

    At @adam2 asked the question
  6. Taff

    Driveway Progress

    Is it not a tree that produces pubes! It’s similar to the money tree that the mrs thinks we have!
  7. Oooooooo never thought about stuff like that
  8. Taff

    Driveway Progress

    Impressive whooohooo! You’ve even taken time out to plant something, what’s the brown building at the top?
  9. So we don’t know if they are or not?
  10. What’s everyone’s thoughts on buying bulk. Just thinking about delays, price increases etc during the current situation. Despite the founds not sorted yet Im thinking of buying all the stone, slates etc so that we have them on site. Things like windows obviously need surveying a bit nearer the time. Also thinking of a container to house dry and expensive items such as plaster board, cabling & insulation etc.
  11. Taff


    Without having the documents to hand I cannot remember what the targets re temperature was, I’ll get them out though to go through them again. Not quite a passive slab was the option however, there seems to be a mix of clay and sand like elements following excavation, this week we will be going back through the methods in the floor construction. Once the founds are sorted it will be a sips build.
  12. Taff


    We went for this layout as we were future proofing it, when we cannot get up the stairs we will have our bedroom etc on ground level
  13. Taff


    However, I’ve just thought we are putting our bedroom downstairs, and the sitting room will be upstairs so I think if I can remember that may have been part of the decision to have UFH upstairs. Gonna get all my stuff out later and go through it all again, a nice Sunday afternoon read
  14. Taff


    We are hoping for 0.14 walls and roof, the downstairs floor is being talked about as we may have to go pile rather than raft. The windows/door etc 1.1 I believe without checking. So going on all of your experiences I’m wasting good money which now by the sounds of it will be needed for piles.
  15. Taff


    Supply will be ASHP, I’m beginning to think do we really need upstairs UFH, I’m going to have to go back through their design with a fine tooth comb I think.