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  1. How you finding this, is it functioning as predicted? dont know why it keeps attaching @Jamesp post, cannot get rid of it. What chance have I got running something complicated! Just spoken the to the people supplying ours, he said all the calculations work out and it would be fine. The only advantages would be higher flow rates and quicker recovery time for the hot water. To be safe I’ve opted to upgrade to the 11kw it was an extra 900. Just told the misses to cancel the curtains 😂
  2. How you finding this, is it functioning as predicted?
  3. How you finding this, is it functioning as predicted?
  4. just contacted Mitsubishi uk and they have stated that your correct. The standard 300L would need a minimum of 11kw. He mentioned that the solar tank could be run with the 8.5kw. I’m sure there’s folk on here running an 8.5kw with a standard 300ltr! I may be wrong
  5. I’ll email the company supplying ours and see what they say 👍
  6. We’ve been told that the 8.5kw ASHP along with the 300ltr wouldn’t be any issues!
  7. Taff


    Cheers guys think I’m being positively ripped off, think I’ll investigate.
  8. Looking to sort some scaffolding prior to sips install then stonework. Builder has quoted me £7k is this price ok? Anyone any idea how much scaffolding would cost to purchase, an amount for a standard 2 storey build? anyone have any prices/quotes for the north east area? cheers
  9. Just don’t use mine!!
  10. Taff


    Think that’s getting a bit technical for me, I just need to know if the architect has recommended adequate
  11. Taff


    Wow that’s thick. We’ve chosen 150! Do you think that’s adequate. Ours is a sips build and trying to avoid loss through the floor. hows yours! is it warm? we using 20mm pir perimeter also wondering if this is adequate too.
  12. Taff


    Even with all the layers we will put in? vapour control layer polythene membrane perimeter screed upstand with pir insulation foil faced rigid pir insulation board floor screed
  13. Taff


    Are we saying it’ll make the house cold?
  14. Taff


    Not too hand I’ll need to dig them out later
  15. Taff


    Thanks Peter, Our option was to be raft however For what ever reason due to the ground conditions this had to be re looked at. we were going for piles but they would have incurred a lengthy delay. So engineers came up with 250 raft with an elevated block beam plan. Don’t know why or how as I’m not clever enough. We might even utilise the space under the beam! So just to confirm the foundation masonry it would be below the block and beam level? And my thinking that this entry entry would then not be required? thanks