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  1. Taff

    Tv points

    Ello, im looking into purchasing tv points on the wall I’ve put the coax in so need to install the plates on the wall. Am I right in thinking it’s female ports on the wall plate? Following on from that they all meet in the loft there are 6 cables in a heap I need to connect them to a device to then forward to the Ariel. Stupid question what device do I need to connect them all up. Is it just an amplifier with appropriate number of ports that I need? ta
  2. Looking at Suppliers of German kitchens. Anyone have any dealings with a company called in-house. We are looking at a Schiller from them
  3. Welcome, this is the place to be all questions will have an answer right or wrong, there’s a wealth of experience on hear and I think everything has been tried and tested a 100 times over. I’m in charge of asking stupid questions 👍🏻 So no matter what question you ask you’ll get an answer, I have the tea shirt. welcome 👍🏻
  4. Hi everyone, been a while since I’ve been on hope everyone is well 👍🏻 There’s just no time to do anything anymore if I’m not at work I’m tiling or painting or everything. Still loving it though. im looking for ideas for external cladding wood effect. Initially planned for trespa however, the price has more than doubled 😳 looks a lovely product. Looking for 65-70 sq meters looking for alternatives/advice/ experience and of course someone must have done a lot of research. any responses/info would be greatly appreciated cheers everyone pubs nearly open 🙏🙏🙏
  5. Taff

    Tiling trim

    Cheers for that I’ll have a butchers
  6. Taff

    Tiling trim

    Any good suppliers of trims that you know of
  7. Taff

    Tiling trim

    It’s the floor I’m looking at they are 12.5mm thick
  8. Proving a task asking different suppliers for suggestions on trim, we have 12.5mm thickness, some say use 12mm which will definitely not cover the tile another has said 15mm, no one in our area stocks 15mm. Before I go ahead and purchase any one with suggestions. cheers
  9. Very nice good effort
  10. Morning, looking for advice on materials to use for the driveway and around the house. currently the driveway has hardcore however this has been mixed up with mud etc during the build so I’m looking to scrape that away and put another substance down again temporary just so we are not traping mud everywhere also don’t want to waste money so this would form part of the driveway etc. This will eventually be covered with gravel. Around the house, I’ve Doug a trench out and want to fill this in with something hopefully the same stuff as the drive. Will be putting some damp proofing around the house foundations prior to filling in and then installing ACO. Drainage. Ive had a look and there seems to be lots of options. The site is quite wet at the moment so not sure what material would be best. (Grano dust, type 1, type 2, ballast etc). any advice would be appreciated thanks 🙏
  11. We should have opted for local in the first place we wouldn’t be in this bloody mess, it’s just ruined the whole project 😤 I’ll get the wife to look at protek. thanks for the help
  12. We haven’t fully paid but we’ve paid for more than we got that’s for sure, we tried the sparky route I think he’s so embarrassed he will not come back. House almost sealed needs the ridge tiles and the rear guttering sorted which I have a roofer sorting this week. So all I need is a self build policy? thanks
  13. 😤😳😢 ok property not too far off completion probs 2 months. Little snag!!!! Main contractor has lost the plot I’m guessing it’s money issues! So going around the house ASHP/MVHR/Electrics/Plumbing and much more are all started and not complete, there are cables hidden away along with vents etc which finding will be a challenge. I have inquired through our architect who is supposed to be managing it he has informed me that the sparky/plumber will not come back 😤😤 so this is going to be a costly exercise. Architect is busy trying to source tradesmen but i dont hold much hope, I know a few that could assist. the build is 6 months overdue and we are homeless next month so we are going to have to slum it I reckon. I can do a lot of the manual stuff like tiling, woodwork etc but the electrics/ASHP will need proper trades men. so apart from being ripped of by the contractor and a poor architect I’m in a bit of a pickle. first things first I need to source some insurance does anyone have any expertise in this area. I’ll be doing and managing most but just need probably cover for plumber/sparky, or do they provide their own. My tools are on site so too, the house is secure and there’s the usual sand/gravel/drainage etc outside. i was looking at self build insurance thanks in anticipation, feel free to come and help me!!!! 😂
  14. Cheers guys landlord will be replacing the unit👍🏻
  15. Hi do we have a list somewhere for first and second fix, I have done a general search but cannot locate ta