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  1. Cheers guys landlord will be replacing the unit👍🏻
  2. Hi do we have a list somewhere for first and second fix, I have done a general search but cannot locate ta
  3. Here’s the offender
  4. Yep it’s been like that from move in it passed all the inspections pre rental
  5. Thermostatic caps is that a big job hopefully only a month or two left in this property
  6. Hi, currently in my rental property, we have a shower on the 2nd floor right next to the hot water tank and boiler. We also have a shower on the 1st floor. When we moved in hot water in the showers was lovely however, now the shower next to the boiler on the second floor just gets to Luke warm. If I run the shower downstairs it’s boiling. All taps are boiling too. I’ve even cranked the temp on the tank up still no difference. If I turn a cold tap on the shower becomes a lot warmer. Any ideas here’s a pic
  7. Yes it is glued and screwed there doesn’t seem to be any movement either. When the primer goes down how long should o leave it until I can start to tile. I’ve read the data sheet however, it doesn’t state wait times
  8. Yep all tight the floor was part of the sips installation they wouldn’t erect the structure without it
  9. Cheers @wozza I’ll get some ordered ready for when I start upstairs 👍
  10. Sorry I explained wrongly. The egger floor went down first as that was part of the sips. We then put low board 18mm down with the UFH installed. Then the 4mm ply went down screwed at the correct points. so from your advice I think we’ll mat upstairs over the ply, so would I need primer prior to placing the mat down?
  11. I’ll have a look at that thanks for the info
  12. Ours is a concrete slab than a screed of self levelling over the top
  13. Ooooo that’s technical, we chose not to put down a Matt, don’t ask me why! Just gotta pray now 🙏 wonder if any one has put a Matt in one room and not in the other to see if there’s any changes.
  14. I haven’t purchased the primer just any recommendations?
  15. So we’ve received the tiles prior to crimbo they came with the recommended adhesive see pic. Ineed to crack on with the tiling as the A’s the cooker is being delivered early Jan. I’ve phoned our suppliers helpline however they are on their jollies. our setup for the floors are block and beam with a screed downstairs with UFH. Upstairs are egger boards or similar over low profile UFH boards. ive been sent 2 types am I right in thinking one flex is the product to use on the downstairs concrete floor, super flex s2 on wood upstairs. I’ve read instructions a few times and yep I’m so confused. Any help/guidance appreciated 🙏