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Cleaning render


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Birds have built a nest in our guttering and the render is filthy.


I had a go with the jet wash, which I know isn’t recommended, but usually gets stuff off.


It’s not working well on this. Also I need a taller ladder out to get to the top.


Reading on line there are specialist render cleaning companies and they say you need to use hot water and detergent.


I also found CT1 recommending Multisolve which is for cleaning adhesive to clean bird droppings.


Would I be crazy to fill a bucket with warm water and Flash and brush that on to see how it goes?



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In case anyone has a similar issue.


I hired a one man tower and set it up.


Scrubbed off the dirt with water and Fairy Liquid. You could still see the stains.


I sprayed it with Cillit Bang Black Mould Remover, left it for a few minutes and rinsed it off. Worked a treat. You can only very faintly see where the stain was, if I had left it on longer it would have been better, but I wasn't really enjoying being up the tower.


I now plan to use this on my garden walls where I have some areas of staining.


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