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Garage- oak frame vs brick


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Evening all.

Getting ready to hopefully submit our house plans in November.

Hope with our budget I can also kick off a garage build at the same time. Would be good to get all mucking away done and dusted.

As an overall cost comparison do oak frame type garages come in much cheaper than a brick built garage?

The oak frame would still need to have matching roof tiles to the house etc.

Many thanks for any pointers 

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I had three quotes for a 6m x 4m timber framed garage, clad with larch, with the timbers visible at the front.  Prices for the basic structure, less roofing and cladding, varied from £8,800 for Douglas Fir to £15,400 for oak, from three suppliers, two local and one near Bristol.  I had to amend our planning consent because the original approval included the frame being on display at the front, and when we switched to a house-type timber frame the appearance changed slightly.  IIRC, the cost of our insulated timber frame garage was a couple of thousand less than that for the Douglas Fir version.

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We opted for an oak frame carport and integrated shed - cost of frame etc without roof slates and foundations came in at around £26k - no VAT payable as it was a design, supply and fit.

Oak frame with larch cladding. 

See image - 7m wide by 6m deep. [Early 2018 prices].




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Thanks for the info, had some rough quotes without site visit but hard to cost without knowing what roof tiles we will use at the moment.

Can contents be insured for loss in fire these days with a timber garage as sure previously they couldn’t.

Guessing a decent size double garage in brick will be around the 25-30k mark.

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