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10 hours ago, PeterStarck said:

I'll sign up for that. I vacuum ours every three months and change them every six months when they still don't look as bad as in the picture in the link.


I suspect they might only want 'untouched' filters otherwise if they've been cleaned mid-cycle it could skew the quantitative assessment of how dirty the air is, unless they are only seeking to analyse pollutant types and not quantities (which might be meaningless given varying flow rates)? 

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@MJNewton I have signed up. will see what comes back. I decided a while back to stop trying to clean up my filthy filters to extend the life of them, clean air worth a few extra quid to me as I am more sensitive than pollution and dirt than most. I change every 4-6 weeks.

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12 minutes ago, dpmiller said:

I'd opine that the stuff that's really "pollution" will whizz straight through anything up to a classical HEPA filter.

I think you are right. I use the F7 filters which seem to be the highest available for my system.....I am sometimes tempted to put my dyson air purifier (with hepa filter) on and see what readings it gives.  Its a great air cleaner but no good for ventilation.

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