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    There hasn't been any applications on the land previously the owner of the land his father used to own alot of the land in the surrounding area and from what I no the owner sold his rather large house for alot of money and has moved to another part of Scotland...i think nothing has been done with it previously as the family had more than enough money to fuss about a small patch of land 🤷‍♀️
  2. So me and my husband have found a perfect bit of land as we want to build our own house ...(field behind my parents house) it has been unused since I was born 30 years... no animals on it or farm work it is just over grown and surrounded by farmers growning fields and my parents house. Went through my friend who is a solicitor and she found out who owns it but she said to make sure we can get planning permission before we approach who owns the land to make an offer she also said as the land has been unused and over grown the owner might not even no it belongs to them...I would like to get the land surveyed and valued before approaching the owner..but I thought for planning permission you needed to prove you owned the land first? And of course I don't want to spend loads of money for the owner to turn round and just say it's not for sale!.. Any information on what steps to take or if anyone has been in the same situation would be great..for information purposes I live in Aberdeenshire thanks