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  1. It is difficult to estimate...we dont have to pay for the land or the building as it will be gifted by my mother...its a granite steading with slate roof and it's pretty old but the stone work is in good nick...most of the roof is gone but slates have been salvaged "if" they can be reused and my father in law is an experienced stone Mason so he Is happy to help with that in his free time (semi retired) and my cousin is going to draw up some architectural drawings for family rates, and my husband is very handy so anything he can do himself he will like demolition, fitting kitchens, bathroom and decorating... We have utilities onsite they just need to be connected.. The actual plumbing, electrics, insulation (especially in a granite building) and the actual timber structure inside is a mine field to me ? Any online estimator recommendations?
  2. Hi wondering if anyone could share a spread sheet of there costings on a conversion I am happy to make a new one out but I feel like I will miss out essential details and just looking to throughly calculate how much we are possibly going to spend before going for planning permission. Thanks ?
  3. I have seen there is a few self builder's on this forum around aberdeenshire, I was looking for recommendations on builders/suppliers/architects that have been used and especially any with experience in granite buildings. Trying to do as much research as we can to see if conversion is possible or if it would need to be a re build. Any helpful info welcome ?
  4. Thanks for your good input, the plans for the houses were changed quite alot due to the look of the buildings before approval as the small community did not want big brash looking new builds in the village I think that's why it has ben narrowed down to just 2 approved house plans. we would probably be going with a small builder we know who specializes in new builds and would get him to do foundations and basically the whole outer shell of the house and electrics. The rest can all be done by ourselves or father in law who is semi retired (for a supply of tea and biscuits and if it gets him grandchildren quicker) so all kitchen fitting, plumbing, bathroom fitting and tiling..only thing that would be extra inside would be carpet fitting ?
  5. The plot for sale has only 2 preapproved house designs as it's quite a small village and I think it was quite hard getting an approved application in the first place. Me being quite new to self build I think the smaller house style might be slightly bigger than 113m2 because of the hallway in the design had no measurements so hasn't been included ?...there is also a separate double garage approved but I have no measurements for that either ?...I have attached floor plan incase I'm being dence ?‍♀️
  6. So after getting the bungalow approved plans the smaller 3 bed comes to 113m2 which is a much smaller than the 4 bedroom1.5 storey but obviously more price appealing! Thanks for all the advice ??
  7. I do love the plot but it does seem unnecessarily large for the larger house design but did want to see what the over cost for that one would be...however there is a second approved house design which is a 3 bedroom bungalow I'm still waiting on being emailed the final floor plans and designs to get more of a price range for that one..both houses are equally lovely but more than likely I would be picking the cheaper one to build.
  8. I haven't posted for a while as most plans on hold due to covid! Looking at finding out a realistic house build cost I have a plot in mind with utilities included and planning permission for a 4 bedroom 1.5 storey house in north of scotland plot costing 85k with ground floor plan 174.18m2 and first floor 139.5m2. I see a lot of posts people say rule of thumb is budget £2500 per square meter.. which my calculations think we would never be approved for a self build mortgage that large! but I have joiners plumbers and electricians to hand in the family who would happily help for very low costing with internal work so more costings for materials, groundwork and erection of the house itself so its water tight. Myself and my husband both have first time buyer ISA however I think you can only use the bonus on a house to the maximum value of £250k ...is a 250k self build even possible???
  9. Perfect my brain has registered that information properly now confusion over ??
  10. So can anyone confirm this query if we get a help to buy ISA it's to help get a mortgage on the purchase of the land only or is it cost of land, kit, and construction? If it's just the land would we need another loan/mortgage for kit and construction ? My head is a mush now ?‍♀️
  11. I wish I had known this earlier ?‍♀️ I honestly thought it wasnt included for purchase of land/ self build will defo do some research now!
  12. I have done some research into the help to buy ISA and I didn't think you could get the benefit of it if you were going for a self build mortgage ? My parents self built 40 years ago and a few distant friends have also, we see how much other people are paying for a 4 bedroom box of a house with a tiny garden and no garage aberdeenshire prices in some places are crazy, with some decent savings and knowing the right people you can build your dream house in the location you want and when it comes to sell you normally have a pretty decent profit at the end..this would be our forever home and we are in the position of very little out goings and decent wages coming in every month
  13. After our first land plot didn't work out we have found another one we love offers of around 125k in aberdeenshire it already has full planning permission for 1.5 storey 4 bedroom detached dwellinghouse with garage the has mains drainage on site with mains electricity, water supply and phone line located nearby and easily connected...ideally we want to go to a timber frame company with the house designs to get a quote for the kit cost. So my question is once we have a quote for that and we no how much the land is, we would need a quote from a builder for putting the kit up and making it water tight everything else we would do our self as we have lots of trades people in the family, how much of a mortgage do we estimate for? We have a pretty decent deposit but apparently with self builds it's always better to have lots of extra cash as things are never straight forward! P.s we are first time buyers/builders any input would be great thanks!
  14. So we have been looking at another area to build as the one we wanted is on green belt and is going to be more of a headache ?‍♀️ We have found a coastal plot with planning permission of either a 3 bedroom bungalow or the choice of a 4 bedroom 1.5 storey house ..and the plot its self with the planning permission is £125000 so on top of that we would have the materials and labour costs to build the 1.5 storey...it is easy hooked up to electric mains and sewage so no need for septic tank installation, does anyone no what kind of quote I would expect from a builder for materials and labour for this as a guide line for how much of a mortgage I would need? Thanks ?
  15. There hasn't been any applications on the land previously the owner of the land his father used to own alot of the land in the surrounding area and from what I no the owner sold his rather large house for alot of money and has moved to another part of Scotland...i think nothing has been done with it previously as the family had more than enough money to fuss about a small patch of land ?‍♀️
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