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  1. Hi Dave, Apologies for jumping in on your previous tread, it's my first time joining a forum so I am not 100 % sure about the protocol and how to post questions. I examined the pipe work from the slab to the manifold its absolutely perfect, I'll send photos after my next site visit. Their was no fire damage to the ground floor and 95% of the first floor joists are without fire damage the bulk of the damage was confined to the roof. The manifold was removed , I was going to blow air down the lines to figure out the flow and return and then hook up a new manifold and run a pressure test - what's the recommended pressure to use ? Many Thanks conor
  2. I have just bought a property which was newly built in 2013 , shortly after being occupied the property was fire damaged. The UFH system was decommissioned shortly after the fire which extensively damaging the wooden joists & rafters however did not impact on the floor slab. The building was left exposed to the elements for the past 4 years, my question , is the UFH pipe work in the slab still fit for purpose ?