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  1. My tip in that is yes - stairs, but shallower stairs than regs allow - say at 35 degrees not 42 degrees. Takes slightly more space, but worh its weight in chocolate. That probably gave my mum an extra 5-7 years of comfortable walking upstairs.
  2. There are some good examples of plans and briefs for architects on the forum. This thread has some of the latter. Try also some of the project blogs, but you will need to read back. Either way, you need to work for your supper on this one ... try also visiting karger show homes for different approaches and ideas.
  3. It can fluctuate. Back at Christmas I lost 2 stone from just under 15. 80% of it is now back :-). 1.77m tall.
  4. By the sound of that you’ve drunk it all. (PS Yes it did give me a larf.)
  5. If you put up a sign saying "Cycle Trail" the Council will leave it entirely alone 😛 . That subbase sounds like quite a lot of our routes.
  6. Are you sure? It says it is infinitely reusable which I took to mean the posts too. Perhaps not. Update - yes I see. Something will also be required to dig narrow holes. https://www.birkdalesales.com/resources/installing-durapost-for-fence-panels
  7. No experience but it looks interesting. My questiion having looked at the website is "how is it fixed to the ground?"
  8. OK. My general comments are that it looks good to me - plumbing all close together in the plan for cost control etc, and 1 - Make sure that the hairdressing room is suitable to have a chair for a chaperone (safeguarding) should children be served. 2 - Alternative use for that room would probably be a utility, so just think about how you would do it with a washing machine, drying machine and drying area / pulley etc. 3 - You will want an accessible services closet in the middle somewhere. Ferdinand
  9. I'll try and comment a bit after the bike ride. But I love the idea of "avoid moving kitchen". It has cheered me up. I can come down in the morning all bleary eyed and fall into the garden. "Bugger - it's moved to the other side this morning." Very Wallace and Gromit 😎. Wasn't there a Mad Professor on Grand Designs who had a roundhouse on a turntable to follow the sun?
  10. How is acoustic flexible sealant diifferent from non-acoustic flexible sealant? My thought would be that it shrinks less to prevent gaps opening up. Looking at it, I would say that the strips are designed to block noise transmitted through any air gaps.
  11. I think the situation here is essentially a ransom strip - unless there is an alternative you need to buy access in a supplier market of one. You are really in that position due to whoever did the initial evaluation making a mistake by not knowing where it was. Law on a ransom strip is that the cost can be up to 1/3 of the uplift in value which results. In practice that would be capped to the value of your Plan B alternative whatever that is, Here Plan B will perhaps be a treatment plant, or persuading the undertaker to use their powers to enforce access. Perhaps you have considered both options? So £1000 for access is perhaps quite reasonable. I think they have picked a reasonable sounding number, rather than take advice. Presumably any outside fees, works and restoration of their driveway are on top, and yyou are taking on future liability? I think I would understand your neighbour forcing you down plan B rather than take any potential future aggro, and I think perhaps they are being notably kind. Personally I might want you to get the water company to do it, as that would to some extent guaranttee a level of workanship. Ferdinand
  12. I would caution against a zig-zag in a tight space like that for 2 reasons 1 - It will be a reet sod to carry stuff through especially decent sized anything. eg a box of wine or a 600 unit or a big toolbox or a set of steps. 2 - You lose a lot of wall storage. Add up both options and see. I have a layout like that in my utility. It is a sod. F
  13. Plan looks good. Perhaps the obvious and least disturbing thing is to replace the bottom door with a pocket door slider. That will give you an extra 600mm to 1m without having to play games with other features.
  14. That's what you look like doing the 5th house.