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  1. I would consider doing rads at the same time as boiler. They may be reasonably priced, and all the gunge could just end up killing your nice new boiler. F
  2. Ferdinand

    inconsistent consultations

    Short of taking them to Appeal, a professional report or threatening to take them to Appeal can help. F
  3. Ferdinand

    'Zoot’s Driveway Gate Project'

    Since post saver cost about £1-£2 each, the difference is not really material, even if the other solution is free. F
  4. Ferdinand

    'Zoot’s Driveway Gate Project'

    Not necessarily - you could just have a variable gap underneath. Or dig out one side. Or put a suitable threshold on, and work to that level. Treat it as a fun opportunity to play with a digger for a day. F
  5. Ferdinand

    How to get Howdens prices

    Correct but they all do that. And all the headline stuff is a bucket of bollocks. Back in the 1990s (?) Magnet switched from a price to list to a "everything discounted by x% - might have been a third or a half - off catalogue price" system. In two quarterly lists, everything increased in price by the reciprocal of the new discount. Wish I had kept them. Ferdinand
  6. Ferdinand

    'Zoot’s Driveway Gate Project'

    If you only have a couple to do, there is a consumer kit which comes with a catering blowtorch. Quite a nice little blowtorch with an integrated spark. This would be the one for you. The stuff comes on a roll rather than pre made to defined size. https://www.postsaver-shop.co.uk/special-offer--includes-5-meters-of-wrap--tack-and-hand-torch-save--5-price-including-vat-2999-48-p.asp You then make lots of creme brulees and seared steaks to use up the stuff. Or build a fence. I have the bigger kit because when I do fences I do a lot, and you get about £75 of gubbins for about £50. Do NOT buy these from a retailer as they will cost more than double. Ferdinand
  7. Ferdinand

    Anyone used an electric stair climber?

    Stair climbing wheelchairs do exist. This one looks a bit tasty.
  8. Ferdinand

    'Zoot’s Driveway Gate Project'

    Absolutely the point where they rot, so... P-P-Pickup a Postsaver (as used by Network Rail). More detailed version on the blog: Or use a fencing repair spurt just to keep wood off the ground entirely. That is my norm for garden stuff if the post is wooden. All sorts of other good ideas, like 50:50 diesel/motor oil, or charring the bottom, or traditional creosote. F
  9. Ferdinand

    Anyone used an electric stair climber?

    I have seen them but never used one. F
  10. Ferdinand

    'Zoot’s Driveway Gate Project'

    There is an argument for filling post holes with rammed gravel round the posts to stop rotting (Yanks like it, I understand), rather than deliberately seeking to rot the post as quickly as possible by setting it in concrete, but that probably comes under something that would confuse this thread unecessarily 😀. F
  11. Ferdinand

    Warning - scams

    Presumably the next step is for the security testers to send an email round saying "don't click" with a link to "why not to click", and see who does so.
  12. It's that disembodied hand again - are you the Munsters (or that might be the Addams)? Here's hoping that it doesn't goose the postman. That reminds me of one of my favourite plumbing-sounding words: Prebend. A prebendary is not something done to you before you get an invoice from the Council. It is: Having made the obligatory extend-onoff's-thread contribution, I can begin my day. F
  13. I wonder if the number has been ppublished, or could be an FOI. Interesting little article in the Guardian from Spring 2018, lots of number. https://www.theguardian.com/money/2018/feb/10/custom-self-build-housing-graven-hill It is interesting that McCloud's own company has retreated from this level of *self*-build, and gone custom, with a lot of the build process in house. F
  14. I would think Gravenhill will have paid perhaps 10-25% of that, depending on the Planning Status, with a complementary overage clause and equation. Or it may be that little comes through for the Council until the sale of each plot. The MoD may have a similar arrangement. It will depend where the project investment cashflow comes from; they will have spend 10s of millions by the time they got anything back, which will have been laid off somewhere. Opinion from @Mr Punter and @PeterWwill be welcome. Information may perhaps be gleaned from the accounts of the company and the Council - the council will not break it out, but it will be so dominant as to be a sore thumb. F Ferdinand
  15. That would be as little as possible 😎. A very complicated question depending on the status of the land, as the land value is the thing the absorbs the variations. This post on valuation from Strategic Land Partners is interesting: https://strategiclandgroup.co.uk/2017/03/13/the-essential-guide-how-much-is-my-site-worth/ eg from that post say you get PP for 5% fewer houses on an estate of 140 average selling price 140k, and costs increase 5%. Residual land value swings 30%. Ferdinand