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  1. Thanks all for replies. The ceiling finished is ply sheets in between the exposed beams, so no plastering above the kitchen. Kick boards and doors will be left off, just the carcasses fitted so the worktop can be templated.
  2. Thanks all - much appreciated. Screed poured today, kitchen fitting delayed til end of next week.
  3. Hi all We're getting to the end point of our extension. The UFH pipes are all laid and we are ready for screeding, which was due to happen today. Unfortunately the screeders were unable to pour the screed due to COVID, and now we won't be ready for our kitchen fitters to start on monday. The fitters have suggested fitting the kitchen first, with the legs on blocks, and then screeding after. Has anyone got any experience of doing this?
  4. Are you going to be positioning the windows in the current position (presumably in-line with the cavity) or moving forward into the future EWI layer? If you're moving out into the EWI layer, how will you protect the window before the EWI is installed? I'm doing the same and can't decide whether its worth positioning the frame in the EWI layer now to avoid having to move them later.
  5. Thanks all for the tips - VCL, breather membrane and tapes now ordered from https://www.daemmstoffhandel.de/
  6. Hi - we're looking at the same and just wondered what you ended up going with in the end?
  7. Hi all Would love to get your views on this. We're upgrading our early 1970s detached house, with (as a minimum) cavity wall insulation, insulating under the suspended floor, upping the loft insulation and replacing doors and windows with triple glazing (Rationel / IdealCombi / Norrsken TBC). We may also insulate walls externally (subject to cost / budget). We're also building a kitchen extension which will be heavily insulated and airtight. We're now looking in to installing either a MEV or MVHR system. We've got supply only quotes from BPC of £2150 for MVHR and £575 for MEV, with extract from 3 bathrooms (upstairs, downstairs and en-suite) and the kitchen. We've got a young family and both work pretty much full time, so we're only really in the house at weekends and evenings. In summer / warm spring days the doors into the garden will be open, so lots of air will be drawn into the house. I know there's the thinking that MEV is throwing away money, extracting warmed air, but surely it would take a long a time for this to add up to the £1500 difference in supply cost, plus probably that again in installation cost. Heating is standard central heating from a combi boiler. My current thinking is that MEV would give the benefits of quiet extraction of moisture and odours from the bathrooms and kitchens and avoid the need for wall extractor fans, and its hard to justify the additional benefits of MVHR given our use of the house. It would be really good to hear from anyone who has a MEV system installed, or who upgraded from MEV to MVHR. Thanks!
  8. Hi all We're struggling to find a contractor for installing EWI on our existing house as part of wider retrofit. The house is in Teignmouth, Devon. Any tips? Anyone got any useful links? Many thanks!
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