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  1. I might do that. Omnie said that my project is too small for them to be interested. I understand the thicker the piping, the greater the power and efficiency of the system. The lo pro has only 10mm piping but the Torfloor has 12mm. Not sure if it enough to work about.
  2. Can you send me the name of that data logger model? Thanks
  3. I heard heard that inlet ducts should ideally not be on the north side of a house? is that good advice?
  4. Some allege that it soaks water and reduces its effectiveness and hence should not be used as floor insulation.
  5. Insulated plasterboard is recommended on window reveals on new houses and retrofits as far as I know.
  6. Has anyone tried acoustic grooved chipboard underfloor heating like the Onmie TorFloor RdB? I am interested in installing it as a retrofit in an upstairs en-suite. It is for a retrofit in a newish house with web joists so I presume there will be space to fit all the piping. I am keen to reduce sound transmission from upstairs to downstairs and thus I am interested in this acoustic option. I am a bit sceptical though. The idea that it replaces the sub floor is appealing as I want to lose as little height as possible but will it result in a creaky floor? How can a series of panels not leak sound to below, even if they have mass loaded vinyl, given all the joints? I guess it is only reduce impact sounds rather than eliminate all sound? I guess such an underfloor heating won’t provide massive amounts if heat?