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  1. afternoon, for the MVHR system, what do you recommend for the external pitched roof terminals in plain tiles, to suit a 125mm ducts ?
  2. Another thought if it’s not possible to go down this route, is it allowed to retract the commencement notice which was recently submitted?
  3. cheers, that's not an issue, there is currently a house here, and i have permission to build another one next to it.
  4. thanks, i don't mind if it causes a delay in splitting of the title, if its possible to do and me comply with the exception. Its my mothers land so there wont be issues starting before its been split.
  5. Afternoon, I have claimed self build exemption for my build which has been granted. I have just recently applied to the land Reg to split the title deeds of the land, so that where i am building will be in my name, but i understand that this is going to take some time. On the basis that the day the build starts a CIL charge will be added onto the Land Charges Register, can i start the build and this happen before the title deeds have actually been split in two, and then the charge moved to my deeds when its done ? TIA.
  6. Hi. Can you explain what decrement delay is please?
  7. Does the Mvhr system overcome the need for the air bricks for the fire . ?
  8. i have recently been looking at this, how about - using Recticel Eurothane PIR which is one of the more affordable ones. have 140mm of it between the studs, and 30mm on the inside of the studs should achieve around that u-value and reduce the overall thicness of the wall.
  9. Hi look at using a PIR insulation in the cavity for that part, such as Kingspan, ( other are available ) that will provide the u-value
  10. what i mean, is in the 3rd pic, where there isnt any insulation there is a gap above the wall, where the air can get above the insulation, if the insulation is the other side of the wall. that wants to be closed off if this is the case.
  11. Yes some mushroom vents like that will do a the job, it might need working out how many you need. If it’s open on that side bit you want to insulate that section as well, to close the gap above the insulation off from the room.
  12. The air gap above the insulation needs to be ventilated to the outside air, i guess its not. and your need a mechanical extract in there the tumble drier / utility room area.
  13. I dont know for sure, there could be 6 houses connected to this run, and i'm hoping to build the 7th over it.
  14. I think I’d want to do it by the book 😇. So it would need concrete chambers. There’s loads of fall on the pipe as the ground also slopes in the way of the fall. Thanks for your help.