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  1. I don't think there is a flow control with such low flow rate, I think the minimum you can get out there is 0.7 l/s. Who requires the outfall to be 0.4 l/s if I may ask?
  2. Above ground drainage by a plumber/architect and below ground drainage by a drainage consultant.
  3. I think the run with SVP/SS going into F04 is coming against the flow, recipe for constant blockages at F04. Can it be connected as a junction to the run under the building and some sort of rodding point on the svp?
  4. No there is nothing tricky about a combined foul and surface water sewer. I'd say keep them separate and combine just before connecting to the public combined system. You are right that the falls for foul water pipes will be fine with surface water, but may not be for capacity unless maybe you go for larger than 110mm pipes.