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  1. Self level of you are bothered about height. If it only a few mm the adhesive can deal with it. . . Clear dust the SBR . And use a decent adhesive . Bal or Weber Weber are my preference.
  2. If there is concrete under ply just self level the area to bring you up level. Never use pva
  3. Self level . To get level . If you can change the ply for Hardie backer board. It doesn't expand and contract like ply. Plus ply nowadays is poor quality.
  4. No uses. But the far end drops into a running stream. Got a note from planning this morning. . regarding a tree survey . I have three fair sized sycamore tree and an oak tree in proximity. . so I need to get tree survey . Any idea on cost of such things
  5. Sorry I am not being clear. On the land was a culvert that had been blocked and diverted years previously . However on a map it was still existing. So I was basically told we had to redivert this using 600 twin wall pipe. . so I changed the direction away from where the dwelling should be on the site The fresh air thing is more of a joke as it doesn't take water. But I was made to do it anyway due to it being in map
  6. And the fresh air discharge from this rediversion was into a existing stream . Thanks for the pointers though. I wish I had been on here last year.
  7. ..Hi yes probably wasn't clear . There was no water in ditch that I had to redivert . . It was an old stream that was diverted years ago When they built a new housing estate. . But it was still on the map as an existing stream fundamentally I was diverting fresh air. All work was done with a CAR certificate .
  8. what is behind the exisiting tiles , you need to think of weight , plaster takes about 16kg per m2 gyproc about 24 per m2 . double tiling will possibly take you over that , dont overboard existing tiles then tile , unless you can mechanically fix hardie backer to wall . if you do tile over existing tiles , mapie do a primer called ecopirime grip. use that then a powder adhesive like weber set plus or the the likes usually best just to strip out and board again , mostly leaves a better job. hope this helps
  9. Hi new to forum , i am in the process of planning to build a bungalow in scotland , i have been rediverting a dry culvert and clearing land for sepa for last six months hope to get some onfo on random points in near future. I am also a tiler bathroom fitter and have been for last twenty years so i hope i can offer help when needed thanks dave