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  1. Hi, I have an awful lot of pallets and wondered if I can reuse the pallet timber for battens for my roof insulation or between insulation / plasterboard? I will ofcourse go through and select the pieces that are in good condition and check they are the same thickness. Thanks
  2. Thanks for your reply. The suggestion of burying insulation below ground would have been perfect but we have already filled in the ground around the foundations. The blocks of insulation are quite large, though not solid throughout, more like an "E" shape. The back of the E is 500m, the top 350mm, the two gaps are 50mm wide and 150mm deep (similar to the sketch below - though this just shows the back of the E, not the legs). One room is currently stacked high to the ceiling with the insulation and I would really rather use them than throw them. Any other suggestions?
  3. I have used isotex ICF to build the walls of my new build. I have quite a lot of EPS insulation blocks left as surplus (taken out of ICF blocks that were used for internal strucutral walls) and wondering if I can make use of them. Can I use them for insulation in my cold roof, ie above the ceiling, below the trusses. The roof areas is too small to use as loft storage so dont mind if it is totally filled. I was thinking perhaps a super foil sheet or quilt and the lay out out all of the EPS blocks, 1 or 2 layers high. There may be some gaps. Would this work as insulation? Or could it be used in addition to some other insulation such as super foil and glass wool? Do I need to tape up gaps? Is there anything else I need to take into consideration? Thanks
  4. Hi I am doing a self-build and we are currently installing the roof. Our roof build up is planned to be slates to 50 x 25 pre-graded battens to Cromar Breathble Membrane to trussed rafters 150mm We want to put 125mm PIR insulation in the trusses and then 100mm PIR below the trusses (no gap) We have been offered non-foiled 100mm PIR insulation which are slight seconds. We want to combine this with 25mm foiled insulation and put both inside the trusses (to achieve 125mm). Will this work? Or is it better just to use 100mm foiled insulation inside the trusses?
  5. You are correct, it was PIR boards (lambda 0.22) which I meant. 75mm screen (including the UFH pipes) was what the architect specified. Perhaps I will look at this option.
  6. We have already got the walls up (which are ICF) and the concrete beam and block floor in. We had also crossed off EPS based block and beam because the builders said it would get too damaged throughout the rest of the building process. Sadly I am unable to lower the level of the beam and block (if only we had realised earlier ?). So I am unable to increase the thickness of the insulation layer, but I could change the material I use, instead of 100mm of kingspan I could use for example 50mm of Kingspan and 50mm of something that has higher thermal resistance (up to a total thickness of 110mm). Thanks!
  7. We are doing a self build and have beam and block floor with the following layers (starting from the top) 75mm screed with UFH pipes to Visqueen isolating membrane to 100mm Kingspan insulation to Visqueen DPM to beam and block We want to change the insulation from 100mm Kingspan to something with a higher thermal resistance, but still maintain a maximum of 100 - 110mm depth of insulation. Can anyone recommend a thin floor insulation that we can use? Has anyone used Warmup Insulated Underlay? Or vacuum insulated panels? Would you recommend it? Or can you suggest alternatives?
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