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  1. I think water pipes have to be at 70cm below ground surface. The water company only wanted to inspect sections of ours - they didn't insist on seeing the whole trench open
  2. I'd do this - we live in a a national park and the planners have been extremely onerous with respect to the conditions that they impose on us, yet they refuse why to explain why they are willing to ignore other peoples' blatant feeling is that they don't have time or money for enforcement action
  3. ProDave - I have attached the form - its sections 2 and 3 that I'm totally stuck with - I really do appreciate your offer of help but you'd basically be filling the entire form in for me so please don't feel compelled TonyT - I had found that thread but somehow hadn't realised it went for 9 pages - I'll have a read later thanks for your input chaps, when I do get this sorted obviously I'll post it up so that anybody as clueless as myself can use it 😀 blank g99.pdf
  4. hi ProDave, it was all of part 2 and 3 really, I really appreciate your offer of help, but `I think that maybe I'm just better off paying someone to do me a "dummy" application (just to see if it's feasible) so far out of my depth with this..... thanks again, Andy
  5. Hi SteamyTea - I did look at getting 3 phase but it was prohibitively expensive - 3 phase hasn't made it this far yet! also part of the reason that getting a connection is as difficult/expensive is that we have to upgrade the local transformer which is already at full capacity, so I thought that if we are upgrading the transformer we may as well aim for G99 compliance too - IF I can get the form filled in!!
  6. Good evening everybody, I'm wondering if anybody could please help me with filling in a G99 form please? My current situation is - currently don't have a mains electricity connection, considering approx 14kW PV array BUT I'd like to know if the D.N.O will allow me a large enough export allowance to cope with the excess/unused energy from the 14kW array. If we already had a grid connection I'm not too sure I'd be bothered about exporting to the grid but as I'm trying to get a grid connection, it seems sensible to try for G99 compliance at this stage. I've spent most of the day trying to work out some sample figures to put on my G99 form (sections 2 and 3) but haven't got anywhere - I thought that all of the figures would be on the inverter data sheets but they are like a foreign language to me! - I haven't even got the first section (firm export requirements) filled in! If anybody has a similar sized system or has been through the G99 application process, please please please would it be possible for me to plagiarise your form? obviously if I find out that G99 is feasible then I'd ask a proper MCS installer to submit a "real" form but at present I'm just trying to work out if it's an option and the DNO won't give me an answer without making an application. many thanks in advance for all and any help, Andy
  7. ok thanks for your help everybody - I think that I'd better get an MCS approved installer on board
  8. Hi Gus, Many thanks for your input - the roof structure is already decided for me - it is an exiting purlin roof that I'm hoping to re-slate (trying to avoid having to buy any more slates though) when I was talking about future proofing I was meaning in terms of the necessary paperwork/certification for the PV panels. Am I being unduly worried about having an MCS certificate for the installation of the panels? Would any of you know if you need an MCS certificate for all of the different various components of the PV system or does the MCS certificate apply only to the whole system (I.e could I get the MCS certification when I have the inverter/battery bank etc installed) thanks for all and any input, Andy
  9. TonyT - I hear what you are saying but I think that unless I can get the rest of the system up and running and and signed off (which is next to impossible at present) I am worried that questions will be later be asked about the panels if we do manage to tie into the grid. Newhome - I don't think that there will be too much difficulty in getting something from the SE to say that the roof can take the panels - surely they must be lighter than the slate which the roof is currently covered with!
  10. ProDave: The plan would be to connect and use the panels when we get that far - I'm just having trouble specifying the rest of the system before I know whether we will be grid connected or not. If we did manage to tie in to the grid, but planned NOT to export any power (so as to avoid the need for an MCS certificate) what would we do with the excess? I've read about "dumping" the excess into electric heaters/immersion heaters, but my understanding is that the DNO's will not allow this is you to do this if you are grid tied and but only importing electricity ? another concern is that viridian has told me that their warranty is only valid if installed by an accredited (i.e MCS) installer
  11. A question for those who have installed their own PV arrays please : how did you get the required bits of paperwork following your installation? As I understand it, I need to get the roof signed off by both building control and by MCS but if you are not an approved installer how did you get around this? My current situation is that I'm trying to re-roof a barn which may be developed at a later date (we are converting an adjacent barn to live in) My main aim is to re-roof this barn purely to preserve the building - in order to save on the cost of slate (planners have specified Westmoreland green slate) I'd like to install in-roof panels (quite like to look of Viridian Clearline) so for the time being the panels won't be connected to anything, however I would like to "future proof" myself so that if the time comes that we are going to develop this building, I have the necessary paperwork. My preferred plan would be to install the Panels alongside my roofers If anyone has faced a similar situation I'd really appreciate it if you could share your solution many thanks, Andy
  12. HI Fridgehay, here is mine from electricity northwest. Although their apparatus is on our land we're not grid connected. Some of the apparatus is covered by an old expired wayleave, some of the apparatus isn't detailed in any wayleave agreement. option 1 is for them to do all work, option 2 is for us to do the "contestable" work. I hope that this helps, and I'd. also like to say thank you to Randomiser for your insight. BREAKDOWN OF CHARGES (Option 1) Non Contestable Charges Connection Charges Quantity Charge Assessment & Design Charges 1 £2,360.00 Legal - Ind/com Way/easement developer/3rd party 1 £700.00 Inspection Charges 1 £70.00 Connections – Construction Work Underground HV &/or LV Cable Installation 18 £687.32 Overhead Ancillary Items 1 £480.35 Joints, Joint Holes & Terminations 2 £821.82 Sundry Equipment 1 £96.07 Reinforcements – Construction Work Overhead Ancillary Items 1 £1,356.44 Substation & Switchgear Installation 1 £2,118.99 Operational Work 1 £97.92 Sundry Equipment 2 £1,371.90 Total Non Contestable Charge £10,160.81 Contestable Charges Connections – Construction Work Quantity Charge Underground HV &/or LV Cable Installation 25 £1,001.75 Services 2 £3,833.93 Disconnections/Plant Removal 1 £1,096.05 Total Contestable Charge £5,931.73 Option 1 Total Charge £16,092.54 BREAKDOWN OF CHARGES (Option 2) Non Contestable Charges Connection Charges Quantity Charge Assessment Charges 1 £1,740.00 Design Charges 1 £540.00 Legal - Ind/com Way/easement developer/3rd party 1 £700.00 Connections – Construction Work Underground HV &/or LV Cable Installation 18 £687.32 Overhead Ancillary Items 1 £480.35 Joints, Joint Holes & Terminations 2 £821.82 Sundry Equipment 1 £96.07 Reinforcements – Construction Work Overhead Ancillary Items 1 £1,356.44 Substation & Switchgear Installation 1 £2,118.99 Operational Work 1 £97.92 Sundry Equipment 2 £1,371.90 Total Non Contestable Charge £10,010.81 Option 2 Total Charge £10,010.81 Description of the works 5500124216/D The charges included are for the provision of a new or existing Electricity North West Pole Mounted Transformer (PMT) and associated infrastructure: • Only nominal costs for legal consents have been included • Installation of HV/LV infrastructure. • Supply & Installation of a PMT. • HV shutdown to commission substation. • Disconnection of existing service/s & infrastructure after new supply is energised. • Associated HV &/or LV reinforcement works. The following details are based upon your application: • Total load requirement of your connections is 48kVA and consists of: Connection of two split phase domestic services, note project specification stats three phase this will be the same type of cable installation but it will be metered as a two live wire system. Split Single phase Connection/s (21-40KVA) 1) The maximum standard split single-phase supply capacity shall be 40kVA (subject to availability). 2) For split single-phase supplies you will balance the load as best practicable over the two phases. 3) If it is your intention to use electric space heating please advise us of your load details if you have not included this information on your application. 4) For external metering (split single-phase) you will need to provide a suitable, secure and weatherproof housing to accommodate the incoming service connection and associated metering equipment to Electricity North West Limited Specification. You must provide a scaled drawing showing details of the housing. The location of this on the site must be agreed with us prior to the commencement of any construction works. Alternatively you can purchase outside viewing boxes and ducting from Jewson's Building Supplies. Your local store can be found from the enclosed Jewson information sheet you will install them in accordance with the Asset Owners Specifications i.e. lower edge of box at 650mm (±150mm) above ground level. Note only Electricity North West Limited owned equipment can be installed within this cubicle. 5) The service position (split single-phase) must be sited on the internal face of an exterior wall and requires a wall space 1.00m high by 1.00m wide, at a height not less than 300mm and not more than 1.35m (in garages) above the floor level, with a 1.0m space in front for access. Approval for the connection of HITACHI, Yutaki S Combi 6 HP R410A heat pumps in two domestic properties. Please provide information on the type of EV charger you intend to install with EN standards and harmonic information if required, there has been no specific EV charge modelled and this is based on voltage and termal rating only. This may cause a design change and incur extra cost. ENWL to upgrade existing pole mounted transformer to split phase rated at 100kVA to provide this connection offer, site survey will deem if this pole is suitable for installation of a larger PMT. ENWL to carry out excavation works 6 metres away from the pole and dig out joint hole to maintain existing service. Customer to carry out remaining excavation work to site pending providing proof of land ownership. Customer to also provide duct entry positions into the building or install outdoor viewing cabinets for service positions. Our records show there is an existing single phase service in one of the dwellings, a disconnection cost has been included in this scheme, if this is not required costs will be refunded on project closure.
  13. yes I was pretty sceptical when I first heard about the "humanure" approach, but I have to say that it's turned out to be much more manageable and much more pleasant than I was expecting. Parts of the book are fairly repetitive, but certainly made me consider some aspects our approach to waste (e.g. why do we flush the toilet with fresh drinking water??) Not used any humanure on the veg patch yet but next year.....
  14. Just in case another experience may be useful to others, here is mine: Our site (barn conversion) has some apparatus that is detailed in and old expired wayleave agreement, and some that isn't detailed the agreement at all. There is a 11Kv pole around 10m from the building and a pole mounted transformer supplying our neighbours' house about 15m from the building. Quote for connection (which included upgrading the Pole mounted transformer was £17000 if they did all of the work or £12000 if they did only the non contestable work. I've tried to negotiate a reduced connection price with the DNO in exchange for a wayleave agreement but they have flat out refused, stating that: "Our connection charges are made in accordance with our Common Connections Charging Methodology and we are unable to accept a partial contribution from our customers with respect to their connection charges. This is to ensure that charges are levied consistently and fairly throughout our distribution area. I am sure you will agree that it is would be unfair for us to use our customers’ money, particularly those in fuel poverty, to partially fund a new electricity connection to your new residential development." I have tried, at length to persuade them that it will almost certainly be cheaper for them, (and a more economical use of customers' money!) to "do a deal" with me rather than have to go down the necessary wayleave route but they have refused to engage at all, stating that they don't want to set a precedent that other landowners will follow. The only alternative that they have offered me is £1500 for an easement, which I have declined. Given the lack of engagement from the D.N.O I served them notice to remove the apparatus back in august, and given Randomiser's experience, I have asked them not to hold my notice period in abeyance because if they won't budge, then I consider negotiations over. This week, I did receive another email stating that they might be able to reconsider the easement figure by taking into account the open market value of the property in it's current state, but they didn't give me a figure, so it was a fairly meaningless email really...... I hope that my insight may give others an idea of what to expect, and many thanks for the info that I have already gleaned from this thread and from the rest of the forum
  15. sawdust/compost toilet - order and read "The Humanure Handbook", 4th Edition: Shit in a Nutshell for more convincing. It's worked for us for just over a year now.....