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  1. thanks devildamo, unfortunately this is subject to Article 4 Direction. There was an old gate in place I believe prior to purchasing the house, but interestingly there was no planning for this.
  2. Thanks for your replies. The complaint breach letter I received suggests removal of the existing front gate and replace with a pair of timber side hung gates. The gate should be of a timber frame/boarded construction and painted black... Not sure how they can dictate what my gate should look like. It would be helpful to know is there an actual library of what a conservation area gate should look like..
  3. Hello I have recently received a letter from my local council to state they have received a complaint about a gate I installed over 8 months ago. I have now been told I will need to submit retrospective planning permission because I live in a conservation area. A planning officer has visited my property and state the style and materials used are not in keeping with the character and appearance of either the host property or the wider conservation area. I am at a loss as to how I can alter the gate, as this is a steel frame with grove timber cladding. Any advice would be most welcomed on what alternative materials I could use to suit a conservation area, I don’t want to loose the steel frame. Thanks Tom Tom