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  1. We put down UFH using retrofit 25mm XPS boards. heats up nice and quick and is actually calling for heat a lot less than our lounge with rads. Hard to know about heat loss to the floor but we love it, much better with no ugly rads and warm feet.
  2. We’ve used cooling at work on some Panasonic ASHP. Works well with the fancoil rads we have, lovely cool breeze. You just have to be careful about condensation on the pipes Ours sweat a bit if we go below 15c water temp Obviously it’s not RHI compliant either! our main issue was with the Room thermostats. We ended up using some remote RF units where you can change the “Normally open” to “Normally closed” with a button click. Then we just set the stats at the max temp we want and if it gets warmer than that the system kicks in. We now have an Ecodan at home so may try it if it gets very warm but prob won’t need it as the house is stone built to tends to stay cool all summer.
  3. Yes in Theory it works but good luck finding an elec company that will supply the correct meter. They seem pretty clueless!
  4. Well we’ve just hit 1MWh about 3-4 weeks into the solar being turned on Not bad going, been a cracking few weeks! Now we just need a meter that bills us suitably and we’ll be all set.
  5. Just to add... We have 3ph power with 3 ph solar We are billed for import currently even when we’re exporting on 2 phases i emailed our supplier Bulb who finally, after 2 months, confirmed our meter was t set up correctly to bill for net import This is the sticky point, they know it’s not right but think the only way to fix it is with a smart meter. And there’s not many 3ph smart meters being installed. Ofgem have advised that you can get a normal 3 phase meter that’s suitable we may need to move to a big 6 supplier to get it! so looks like we’ll have to go back to the dark side to get a meter fitted then switch back
  6. Agree with your points Jeremy. I think the difference between a phone and a smart meter is you can decide when and where to use a phone. For example I put mine in airplane mode overnight as there’s zero need for me to use it so why risk sleeping very close to it while in a house that has very poor signal. So it would be a full power all night With a phone I decide my exposure. With a smart meter you have no control and while it may only be a few seconds every minute currently if that was changed you’d have no notice. There have been studies which show although the data is transmitted say half hourly the actual network transmissions are much more frequent especially if they operate in mesh mode with your neighbours.
  7. There’s also health concerns. Although much of these are OTT there are genuine concerns that haven’t been addressed I say this from my background as a functional medicine coach. There’s very little data about how often they transmit (often many times more than they upload data to supplier), the power of transmission etc. I would not want my child sleeping in the room above one unless I had complete information about this. Latest research has shown RF, especially low dose, high regularity, increases calcium uptake in cells by many orders of magnitude. When most of the population have too much calcium in their cells anyway due to magnesium deficiency, this can exaggerate the issue. I’m not talking brain tumours as the media will report. I’m talking low grade chronic inflammation over years. Eg worsening of blood glucose levels, blood pressure, aches and pains. All very specific to individuals. As the posts above have said, even if you’re a sceptic, are the benefits worth the risk?
  8. Ah, may see if that’s an easy tweak on ours. If not I’ve seen a replacement star on eBay for £15. Seems you can swap without emptying tank.
  9. Only issue we have at the moment is our immersion stat keeps clicking off at about 50c. It’s turned up full and only installed last October. Not sure if there’s a pocket of hot water due to the big coil which is causing it to turn off, or the stat is bust.
  10. I was hoping it was going to be like this every year 🙂 It seems we have a decent location without any shade. We will see what happens once the trees get leaves but I’m impressed we’re getting power generated between about 630 and 830 I’m going to try and wire up our Eddi to the ASHP smartGrid import, so we’ll be able to fire up the heat pump automatically when we get say 3kW+ export. Saying that, although it will be a more efficient use of the power, once the DHW tank is full it’s full I guess. With it being a bit chilly in the evenings still I’ve set the heat pump to come I’m on about 4pm to top up the room temps a degree or two while there’s still generation
  11. So we had our 9kWp system commissioned on Friday, after it being on the roof of our holiday let for 3 months (but no mains supply!) Turned on Friday lunchtime and so far we’ve generated 120kWh. Not bad for one weekend! It’s been a mix of sun and clouds too. Heated up the DHW tank to 50c three times over now so the ASHP has been doing very little. We have this on 3 phase. Ive spoken to the installer and we’ve decided the Apollo Gem diverters aren’t ideal. As they are only single phase, it was pushing “excess” energy into the DHW tank, even when we were importing on another phase. So switching for a MyEnergi Eddi which will measure the net export across 3 phases. Now to play the game where we try and work out what appliances we can use below the current generation! Our OWL monitor has gone a bit crazy. Presumably as it can’t tell the difference between import/export so I have no way of telling what we’re exporting aside from watching the meter flash. But seems the Eddie has a decent app so can use that.
  12. Finally installed and gone live We installed a 63amp submain to new holiday let that has 9kWp solar array with inverter then in the holiday let and the main house we have solar inverters which feed an immersion in both our DHW tanks theres also a secondary “overflow” output which will heat up our underfloor buffer tank Only went on at 12pm and generated 30kWh today so happy with that.
  13. Well the holiday let is almost complete Today we turned on the Solar. So far generating about 4.5kW (8kWp system), not bad for a partially overcast spring day Weve got the solar on the holiday let roof, but then it also comes through our main house supply. 2 Apollo Gem optimisers, so the house runs off 1 phase, the other 2 phases power the holiday let and any excess is diverted to 3 water tanks: 2x DHW (one in holiday let, one residential) 1x Buffer tank for ASHP So if the hot water is already warm enough, the buffer tank will heat up which is useful for these shoulder months where it can be a bit chilly sometimes in the evening in the main house Hoping this will bring our £300/mo elec bill down! (All our heating, cooking etc is on elec as no gas)