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    We moved into a renovated Victorian farmhouse (built around 1850) along with a 2-acre field and our lives have changed completely. The plan is to be as self-sufficient and eco-friendly as possible. http://www.myhomefarm.co.uk

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  1. I’ll go back to my post and review the kWh and kW usage.
  2. Jeremy, thanks for the insights and great comments. I continue to learn about ASHPs, so your guidance is massively appreciated.
  3. Please check out our honest verdict on the efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of air source pumps in the UK - this is our winter review More information and data is available here: https://myhomefarm.co.uk/verdict-on-air-source-heat-pumps-in-the-uk
  4. Thanks for all the feedback. This is an issue at several windows. Looks like a spring/summer job.
  5. Yes, but there are also gaps in the mortar.
  6. I know. Every thing we look at in this bloody house has an issue. It’s draining. I take it you don’t typically use sealant? Yes? No? I have no idea.
  7. Yeah, it is but still allowing water in. How can I block it?
  8. No idea why these photos are upside down when I’ve uploaded them
  9. Just painting the master bathroom and got to the window and saw a few small signs of damp. I looked outside the window and have found small gaps in the mortar around the window frame. with these and storms water has obviously made its way in. is the solution remortaring in the summer or is there a chemical compound we can use?
  10. I also have the stupidly heavy tray in.
  11. Pipe connected and working beautifully.
  12. If we were to remove the lead, what else could be used to keep the water out going forward? I guess my question is, how do professional gutters fit custom windows that don’t come with kits.
  13. Thanks for that. It might cast some insights.
  14. We have considered that. The other massive issue is that the existing windows are a custom, stupid size... so we can’t like for like change it. We might have to do that in the summer though... just need a fix for the next few months.
  15. It’s getting through the top. I just took the photo from the bottom to show the mastic. Maybe it needs to be tucked in better.