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    We moved into a renovated Victorian farmhouse (built around 1850) along with a 2-acre field and our lives have changed completely. The plan is to be as self-sufficient and eco-friendly as possible. http://www.myhomefarm.co.uk

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  1. I've signed up for a two year contract 😂
  2. I’ve just this relating to Social Energy: They also have or had a director who was also associated at some time with the following infamous energy suppliers:GB Energy Supply Ltd - in LiquidationFuture Energy Utilities Ltd - DissolvedOur Power Energy Supply Ltd - in Administration Brilliant Energy Supply Ltd - in AdministartionOneselect Ltd - in AdministrationSnowdrop Energy Supply Ltd - in Liquidation
  3. Their website is annoying as hell and I share your sentiment on their potential longevity. I wonder how social angle will impact of FiT?
  4. Yes, we have PV so that’ll help. Will crunch numbers this weekend.
  5. I’m considering Economy 7. We work from home, so use a lot of daytime power. Will some maths. will pm you if Octopus is viable.
  6. Thanks Jeremy. So if I leave OVO I will continue to receive FiT payments into the future. Correct? Interesting about Economy 7. Both E-ON (previous provider) and OVO told me to contact our DNO. How have Bulb in. I considered them a while back and went with OVO. Do Bulb have an Economy 7 meter?
  7. Is anyone experiencing issues with RHI? I registered on 18 June and I’m still “pending approval”. I’ve followed up via email, and getting no responses. Is this normal?
  8. Our existing energy provider is OVO. We pay 14.5p per kW and feed-in-tariff is registered with them. Our DNO IS Scottish Power and they won’t fit an Economy 7 meter. Our contract with OVO is coming to an end, and they want to increase our fee to 15.7p. I was going to shop around, and if I find a new cheaper provider does anyone know what happens to our FiT payments? Do I need to register again with the new provider?
  9. Potentially ignorant question on my part, but why would/does humidity have an impact on interior house temperature? Are we talking about ambient humidity in rooms?
  10. Amazing. DIY solar. Now that's aspirational for someone like me!
  11. Thanks Dave - the smell has gone since the ASHP has gone in, but I assume it'll be back if the oil boiler has to kick in for a prolonged period of time, which I hope will not be the case. The oil boiler occasionally kicks in for 2-3 minutes after a cool evening and when the heat pump has not been called to heat anything overnight and we take a shower, so it 'spikes' our DHW. There is no smell in these cases.
  12. The guys we purchased the house from said it was a couple of years old... and the way you've described it is fitting of our eau de diesel.
  13. Maybe I made that sound worse than it is - there's an exhaust outside our utility room where the boiler is located, and when you're outside, and the boiler kicked in, you were hit with all these fumes which was not pleasant. Inside the utility room, there was a dieselly whiff, which we assumed was normal as the diesel was running through the boiler - we experienced similar smells with the gas boiler in our old house. They don't smell toxic, just not fresh. Nt sure if that's normal.