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    We moved into a renovated Victorian farmhouse (built around 1850) along with a 2-acre field and our lives have changed completely. The plan is to be as self-sufficient and eco-friendly as possible. http://www.myhomefarm.co.uk

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  1. Wow. I’m impressed you did a mirror experiment. Interesting. From all that’s been said, I guess we just have to live with our 35 degree system that matches the pitch of our roof.
  2. Is there a way of reflecting light back towards the panels during dark, short months. i assume we’re not generating much power because the sun is a light lower so the angle of the panels isn’t great at this time of year, but much better when the sun is high in the sky.
  3. Thanks ST. I’ve also gone on PVGIS and pulled data for my postcode. Not sure what I’m looking for in terms of relevance to my array.
  4. Is there an optimal angle for panels in the uk they get the most out of winter months?
  5. I’ve requested samples from them. Their products look good.
  6. Thanks again for sharing. I’ve torn my knee cartridge so out of action for a few days. Will tamper with valves later this week.
  7. Benjseb, the similarities are crazy. Thank you for sharing your insights. I’m going to fiddle with the valves - are they 1/4 open on the incoming or exit valves?
  8. Our air source heat pump has now been operational since the spring. It’s time to see how it performed over the course of the past three months as part of our autumn air source heat pump review. To see how it performed over the autumn, including a very cold November, please check out this video. Additional information and data available here: https://myhomefarm.co.uk/caernarfon-18kw-autumn-air-source-heat-pump-review
  9. I was desperate to get this one as we have guests coming over. I’ll look at buying some of the wago clips this weekend.
  10. For ur master shower we don’t want to tile it, but would rather for wall panels. Any suggestions on brands and experiences? We’ve been looking at Minerva. Not fully convinced. Also not sure what to make of MDF backed wall panels. Suggestions and advice welcome as always.
  11. Thanks for all the documents and explanations. After expending a lot of brain power, victory is mine. I have to say, it’s rather complicated stuff.
  12. Home Farm

    Lamp fitting

    The nut came off. It was the classic righty loosy.
  13. Home Farm

    Lamp fitting

    Just thought I’d drill a small hole in the bottom holding cap, and will take me the screw to hold that in place. Might just work