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    We moved into a renovated Victorian farmhouse (built around 1850) along with a 2-acre field and our lives have changed completely. The plan is to be as self-sufficient and eco-friendly as possible. http://www.myhomefarm.co.uk

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  1. Jesus Barney, that sounds awful. Definitely want to avoid any damage like that.
  2. As my diy skills continue to improve, I would like to retain all my digits for a few more years to come, so clamping is a good option. looks like the Irwin you suggested is a winner - thank you. Also, what is the consensus in G clamps?
  3. I’ll be cutting on a work bench. Rounded edges.
  4. What kind of clamp should I be using when using a jigsaw?
  5. This does raise some interesting questions - if installers inflate their figures to get the sale on the promise that you'll get x-amount via RHI payments this could lead to all manner of issues. After all, they have the sale, and it'll take months before we get our first payment which could be way off what they "promised".
  6. I was the same as you NSS - we never received quotes from any companies that weren't MCS-certified. The thought of "DIYing" this would have been well beyond us, and we were reluctant to not proceed with a company that wasn't MCS certified because we figured that any repayments would have been better than none.
  7. As part of the application, we had to provide a meter reading (because we have bivalent system), so I would assume that it will be backdated. If it takes this long to just register though, I shudder to think how long it takes for them to make payments. will keep you posted.
  8. We just wasted our money on this awful product last week: E Strip Self Adhesive Rubber It doesn’t stick to where it’s supposed (unless it’s too itself), unsticks stupidly easy (but not from itself). It’s a mess. Hate it. That got me thinking. I bet you guys here have purchased some duds - what’s the worst DIY/build product you purchased or came across this year?
  9. Giving this thread a bump - so, I applied on June 18 - just called them and they say that my application is still under process. That seems to be taking an awfully long time. For those of you that have applied for RHI, how long did it take for your application to be processed?
  10. I measured and tested a lot, and it's amazing that as long as the side panel (where the hinges mount) is the same width as the door it doesn't clip against the wall. That was my main fear, but I inspected our kitchen cabinets and forged ahead, and the door opens perfectly - absolutely no clipping against the wall. Major lesson learnt.
  11. Yes we can - that's why we went with the large door, and there's loads of room to work in there if you had to. We've also completed all the major consumer unit work (ASHP, solar, etc,) so there shouldn't be any major work going forward - touch wood.
  12. Thanks Joe - don't know what to tackle next. It'll probably something to do with wood, and hopefully I can pick up a well-priced used mitre saw.