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  1. Hi Russell, I would use celotex PIR insulation on this gig. Fill the ceiling with this and use foil tape to join together, make sure you are not leaving gapes and tape the joists too.
  2. Hi there, So Standard PIR insulation like Celotex and Kingspan is the most popular option for this job. The best way is to insulate, I would pack the ceiling with Celotex and I would use foil tape to tape joints, make sure no gaps are left. Vapour controls layers along with the same tapes are recommended to the warm side of the insulation as an added layer to combat condensation build-up.
  3. Hi there, you could insulate above the roof section using Kingspan TR27 or Celotex Crown-Up of crown-Fix or similar. Use a good Phenolic insulation like Kingspan K110 or Kingspan TP10 maybe. Both of which will give decent U-values.
  4. The best way for the insulation part would be to get spray foam insulation. You can then decide the thickness you require yourself.
  5. Yes i would use foil tape, make sure no gaps are left but in the long run i would use polythene as it will be a piece of mind job and you won't have to redo if problems occurred in years to come.
  6. A series of holes are drilled in the wall, to an approved pattern, through the mortar joints. A specially designed injection gun is used to pressure- blow the insulating bead into the gap between the two walls. When the installation is complete the holes are made good with colour matched mortar and any dust from the drilling will be cleaned away