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  1. Hi Damo, Thanks for the response, the rear of the property sides onto the neighbours house. Would Velux Windows be an option on that side of the house would you think?
  2. Hi Everyone, Sorry for the multitude of posts, but having a brainstorming session and was keen to draw on the experience of you fine people. We are looking at a character property that has an awful first floor layout. We would like to reconfigure to achieve: - Master bedroom with en-suite - Two double bedrooms - Fourth Bedroom - Family Bathroom. Any suggestions or help how we could achieve this would be greatly appreciated!
  3. I don't think the gallery would be wide enough to fit a corridor in?
  4. Hmm that may be problematic as the staircase is open to a gallery landing so making it fireproof would be near impossible I'd say? The new bedroom would be next to the yellow room on the first floor overlooking the gallery landing.
  5. Hi, Following my other post we have found a house that we love however we would need to make some big changes to make it liveable. The property used to be a large hall (build in 1883) and was converted in the 80's. They put low flat roofing on the second floor to create a loft cavity (only around 1.8m cavity) the roof is traditional cut and pitch and was previously open a long time ago when it formed the hall. We would like to raise the roof to match the pitch and fit a velux window in each of the upstairs rooms. We are also looking to add a bedroom to the upstairs floorplan, however this will be on a wall without a window (borders the neighbours garden. Would it be possible to fit a velux in this room to meet building regs? Pictures and plans below. Thanks for the advice.
  6. We need to put in the planning app, which we are working on at the moment. We were hoping that would be the case, but didn't know if they just took a blanket approach to side aspect windows, so that's encouraging to hear that it is possible. We intend to take as many pictures and submit detailed distances/aspects as we can to try and convince them. I presume worst case we could look at a clerestory window if the worst comes to the worst?, we just really don't want to have to put an obscured window in if at all possible,
  7. Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone had any advice on new side windows. We are planning a 4th bedroom conversion to the rear of our property that requires us to move the window from the existing bedroom onto the side elevation of our property. Are there any general rules of thumb that planners use to determine if the new window would need to be obscured? The side window overlooks our drive and garage and then an open expanse of green land, the next property is a good 30-40m away from the window. Ideally we would like to avoid having to have a frosted window in the bedroom, and was hoping someone might be able to shed some light on what our chances might be getting this through planning? Thanks
  8. Thanks a lot, really appreciate you sharing your experience 👍
  9. Yes we understand that we would definitely need to go down the PP route rather than PD, just hoping that the planners are kind and let us get on with it Do you think its ever worth putting in a Householder Enquiry Form, or just put the formal planning application in?
  10. That's great thanks so much for your advice
  11. The 7m was just from the planning website for the permitted development. So wondered if it would equally cause problems with our planning application? Extensions of more than one storey must not extend beyond the rear wall of the original house* by more than three metres or be within seven metres of any boundary* opposite the rear wall of the house.
  12. That's what we thought as the front windows of the rear neighbour will be roughly 90 degrees off our rear windows. We were just concerned that we weren't getting the 7m from the rear boundary.
  13. Hi Everyone, we are planning a full length extension with a half second storey extension in our property, as we have a tapered garden the nearest point on our extension will only be 5m away from the boundary of our rear neighbours access road and drive (it is a bungalow and we cannot see into their garden. I have attached a picture of the side with the two storey extension. Do you think this would form grounds for the planning application to be refused or do you think they are likely to be ok with it as it will only be overlooking the access road and driveway? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Hi Everyone, I am looking to have a oft conversion and would need to relocate the tank from our system boiler to the loft, as it is currently in a cupboard above the stairs where the new staircase will go. The tank will be moving straight up above where it currently is in a cupboard by the side of the new stair entrance in the loft. Roughly how much do you think this would cost to complete? Access shouldn't be an issue as the new stair shaft will be cut in the ceiling directly above it. Many Thanks