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  1. I'm about to buy 100mm acoustic insulation from b&q for above the downstairs ceilings/upstairs floor and hope this, will suffice? Anybody willing to comment. It would be appreciated. Arnold9801
  2. Will be tiling the walls in four bathrooms in new build. The tiles are 600mm square. What's the most recommended tile adhesive in the trade? Arnold9801
  3. I have 50 8x4 insulated plasterboards to fit on a new builds concrete block internal wall. Which adhesive is recommended and is it ok to fit just two mechanical fixings to each board (one tip and bottom in the middle)? Many thanks. Arnold9801
  4. I've got to fix a lot of 8x4ft insulated plasterboards in our new build to the internal concrete block walls. Can anyone recommend the best foam adhesive to use on the back of them please? Furthermore I intend to put two mechanical fixings on each sheet. Is that adequate? Many thanks. Arnold9801
  5. I’m about to start fixing the Actis Boost hybrid sheet in the roof space. With the roof being made with lots of ‘A’ frames how can a good seal be achieved as these cross pieces where they join the main roof timbers cause a real obstruction. It’s not just a case of laying the foil flat across the timbers which would be ideal. Any advice would be appreciated. Arnold9801
  6. I’m just calculating costs for ceiling plaster boards for upstairs bedrooms, bathrooms on our new build. The foil backed plaster boards are way more expensive compared to normal plaster boards. Would it be ok to fit normal instead of the foil backed? Arnold9801
  7. I'm about to lay the Actis foil and need advice on the tape I use. Do you have to use their own branded tape or is there an alternative that can be used instead? Screwfix sell a same sized foil tape and I can get this at anytime as there's a Screwfix outlet just by me and woukd be much easier to get than by mail ordering. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  8. Can anyone recommend a good flue supplier please?
  9. Hi Russ I take your point which is my intention anyway. Is there flexibility in terms of which collated screws you can use in your tool? Like I said I'm going to stick with Makita due to me having four makita batteries anyway. Now I'm looking at buying screws for these a d see them at various prices. I've got about 100x sheets to screw what with walls and ceilings, so is there any flexibility or do you have to buy Makita ones as any other just won't be compatible? Arnold9801
  10. My ducting will be for the bathrooms to the roof vent.
  11. I understand it’s best to get smooth ducting to avoid restricting the airflow. Does that mean underground 110mm tubing will be suitable?
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