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  1. Things are looking a bit more positive now! I can get the system roughly balanced, with the system at 60% boost extract, and at 90% of BPC's recommended flow rates. I've asked BPC to supply me with a proper restrictor for the utility plenum, as this is the one I was struggling to get to a low enough rate, to get the others to a high enough rate. Tim
  2. I've found the spray gets a good neat finish. Always painted where visible so not noticed the yellow before. Know of anything as good, but that stays nice and white?
  3. Sticks Like certainly seems more 'runny' than CT1 in my experience....
  4. Still not had much luck with this.... I don't feel the unit should need to run at 80% on boost for a house the size of mine. BPC looked at the rates they provided, and said they were wrong and re-did them, requiring a slightly higher overall rate! They also said I needed to set the Cooker Hood ''Normal' and 'Boost@ settings to 100%, even without a hood fitted - maybe a useful note for others with a Vent Axia unit. Hopefully at the weekend, I will try and balance it up at 90%, or 80% of BR requirements and see how I go. Reality seems to be nobody wants to run their systems at BR rates anyway! Tim
  5. I assume everyone has gone outside to enjoy the weather, but hopeful that one of the resident experts will be about again soon. I'll try BPC again tomorrow, but whenever I've called the person who deals with these things isn't there 🤔
  6. Get into Cable mode (mines older so it's called VWRAP, and you'll be sorted Yup if you drop it it will survive, less so your toes!
  7. Hi all, I've been trying to balance the system today, and am struggling. House is approx. 95m2, on 1 level only. 5 supply, 3 extract valves. MHRV unit is a Vent Axia Sentinel Kinetic BH. Supply (1 75mm pipe to each plenum) I can get this to balance at 60% boost easily. Extract (2x 75mm supply pipes to kitchen and bathroom, 1 to Utility. Pipe runs are all very short, no more than 4m) Won't balance. When I get the system to 65% boost I can get the total required airflow, but I cannot reduce the bathroom and utility plenums to their required values, and cannot increase the kitchen to it's required value. At 100%, there is plenty of flow everywhere. Do you think I need some sort of restrictor inside the plenum to reduce the output? I am using these plenums: Also, for a house of this size, should I need boost levels so high? The unit is spec'd to be good for up to 150m2 of floor area. Feeling a little deflated, as all if the installation wen't very well generally. I have also ensured there are no air leaks and foil taped up every join on the 5" side. Any tips or guidance much appreciated as ever. Tim
  8. Yes they are. That's a little concerning, how did you resolve that?!
  9. Sorry for filing the forum with my topics tonight, I've just reached the point where I finally turned on the system tonight I will be submitting a full detailed end-to-end project post with photo's sometime soon, to save people re-asking what I've been boring you with. So, I grossly over-ordered from BPC, as I knew I couldn't easily return anything because I'm in Jersey. I have 10 linear metres of 5" pipe to insulate with their 25mm foil-covered itchy glass fibre, and a total of about 5m of pipe to wrap. Is it worth doubling, or even tripling the insulation around the pipes? The outside temperature never gets below zero here, outside gets up to about 33 occasionally. I remember someone, maybe @joe90 doubling up, but cannot find that post and reasons why now. Thanks Tim
  10. In the end, after much tampering, I got this working. I had to connect as below: A1 - permanent live B1 - switching live (variable voltage) A2 - neutral 15 - volt-free + from HMRV unit 18 - volt free - from MHRV unit Between the relay unit and the cooker hood (next to the MHRV unit), I have added a 3-pole fan isolator switch, as a means of local isolation. @PeterW's guidance didn't entirely work for some reason, luckily I had routed a permanent live there and not chopped it back yet
  11. Got through this finally today.... already had a flexible section in the duct close to the unit, but opted to just insert another one at the other end of the run, on the end of a 45degree piece, job done!
  12. I'm excited for you... it will change your cable labelling life for ever! I also got a 9mm vinyl roll of tape, which is nice for marking faceplates that don't have an obvious purpose. They also do heat shrink you can put through it 😮
  13. I use a Dymo Rhino printer, with Flexible Nylon 19mm tape. When the machine is set to wrap, it prints the text longways multiple times, so it can always be seen. Once the tape is stuck, a few hours later its a fight to remove it. It also has modes for printing entire patch panels / consumer units with proper spacing. Costs a lot, but I borrow the work one
  14. This is true..... some plastic angle i had to fit the other day happily deformed in the heat, so I may be able to persuade a 1m length to do the same, a bit This is the sort of lateral thinking I'm lacking the past few weeks. Lot's of CT1 and gorilla foil tape is in stock!
  15. Hi all, I am finally fitting the last pipe to my system - the 5" intake. Where it exits the soffit, I had hoped to use a 45' bend, but sadly this is ever so slightly too wide, and hits the back of the MHRV unit, when it needs to pass just behind it. I can use flexi pipe, but was hoping not to, as it will be a small weakness in the otherwise carefully detailed system and also require more physical supports. Does anyone know of a supplier of, say, 40' bends? In my mind its like plumbing, and you don't often want a true 45 or 90! Can't even get away with partially inserting the connector, with the type I have. Thanks Tim