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  1. oranjeboom

    Sunamp installation

    Thanks Jeremy. I've read through that several times and hopefully have this correct in my schematic below. I have two Uniq eDual 12 units but I see from the manual (2018_07_19_V2.0) on page 18 that the wiring is the same as for the eHW. I may place the PV diverter (Apollo Gem) in the same room as the SA unit using a transmitter from the consumer unit.
  2. oranjeboom

    Sunamp installation

    No problem Jeremy - thought I may have overlooked it. Electrician did come this morning and was scratching his head so I told him to leave it for now, rather than me paying for him to be reading the Sunamp and PV diverter instructions. So no rush on my account Jeremy!
  3. oranjeboom

    Sunamp installation

    Good morning Jeremy! Did you already manage to update your blog? I had a look this morning, but could not find your "dummies guide to installing a Sunamp UniQ". Have the electrician coming shortly and no doubt he may need input. Not had my coffee yet, so I may have overlooked it on your blog.
  4. I didn't go for ali-clad in the end due to cost. I tried local companies who were abysmal with their service and offerings and indeed nationally I wasn't impressed either. When it comes to begging companies for even getting a quote there is something seriously wrong (self builds should not be seen as any different). In the end I ended up getting my windows from Europe.
  5. oranjeboom

    Ooops (anyone need a window?)

    Good luck with the rest of the build! Worth putting an ad on here for that window: https://forum.buildhub.org.uk/forum/47-market-place/ and then there's fleabay/gumtree etc
  6. oranjeboom

    Borders folk - Homebase closing - Hawick

    Bugger off @Onoff!This one's mine! TBH, I've often found them over-priced and even with their 10% off most items are still more expensive than the likes of Screwfix. Car park's never had so many cars in there though! Suspect there's a lot of people going in there thinking they're walking out with a bargain when TS and SF (500m) up the road have it all for 20% cheaper! There's only a couple of aisles that have 50% off and that's screws/fixings, door ironmongery and smoke alarms. And again, you have to watch out what you are buying - some of the smoke detectors they are flogging are a "do not buy" from Which? !! And yes, I did only find that out after buying one (I'll be sticking that in the shed or flogging it to the MIL with a 50% markup! I'll be going back every week to see the % discount increase on the other aisles, so let me know @Onoff if you are after anything in particular!
  7. Nice video. That's one area I have fears over, especially with SIPs and sole plates.
  8. oranjeboom

    Power Circuits in Service Cupboard.

    Thanks Jeremy. I'll run this all by my electrician to be sure also.
  9. oranjeboom

    Power Circuits in Service Cupboard.

    It's only going to be around 10m in length and not too many changes in direction, but a pre-fiitted SWA would probably be easier than forcing a cable down a bit of conduit. https://www.tlc-direct.co.uk/Products/SW4slash2.html ? 49 A 4mm.... Oh well, no Tesla for me then, maybe just a Renault Zoe. I do have a substation on the corner of my plot however - ideal for charging whatever I need, theoretically. Thanks @Temp for the suggestions. I've left most of the radial circuits for the electrician so hoping he's thought about stuff like that. Although I've already had to replace the hob cabling to 6mm.
  10. oranjeboom

    Power Circuits in Service Cupboard.

    Not meaning to hijack this thread, but I',m looking to future proof as much as I can here and currently busy in the 'plant room' which would potentially also be the route for a future cable to outside charging point for a PHEV/EV. It's a cavity filled bungalow wall which will have EWI going on next year at some point, so I was thinking of just chasing a route up the exterior wall, up into the eaves/soffit and fixing some conduit into the channel. This will then be covered by the EWI and hopefully then just means pushing in the required cabling at some point in the future for my Tesla which by then will be half the price that they are now.... If I go with the above, what size conduit should i fit? I was thinking worst case with cabling 6-10mm
  11. oranjeboom

    UFH thermostat wiring, floor probes

    Thanks @Triassic and @Nickfromwales. I thought I'd gone wrong. I'll get some 0.75mm2 flex. On offer from SF at the mo at only £18 not including my 10% off! https://www.screwfix.com/p/nexans-heat-resistant-flex-3094y-4-core-0-75mm-50m-white/6848t#product_additional_details_container
  12. oranjeboom

    UFH thermostat wiring, floor probes

    Can someone tell me if I've ended up getting the wrong cable? I went and bought 6243Y 3X1+1 1mm from TLC: https://www.tlc-direct.co.uk/Products/CA1slash3G.html But it seems overkill to me (bearing I am no electrician) for what is only linking the thermostats to the ufh control board. Even the cable clamps in the wiring centre won't be able to clamp that cable down: Did I get the wrong stuff? Surely this would suffice? https://www.tlc-direct.co.uk/Products/CA0dot75HR4.html If not, it'll be a bugger to get the wiring centre all connected (leaving that for electrician):
  13. oranjeboom

    Sunamp installation

    Thanks @JSHarris. Pics always help. And that wiring info will help my electrician no doubt as no-one seems to understand these black magic heating systems. Just looking to get my floor tiles down before I move my 2x200kg units into place without cracking the floor!
  14. oranjeboom

    Discount Offers of the Week

    10% voucher for online (Click and collect) from Screwfix received after I bought something instore yesterday. Seems to be given for anyone buying instore at the moment.
  15. oranjeboom

    A Winter of Peckering

    That limestone rock will come in handy at some point I imagine!