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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cornwall-44879858 I bet this got the attention of the Persimmon directors!
  2. I would just say 'don't do it'!!! Our 6-12 months planned static living has turned out to be 4.5yrs now...not all fun. The initial 'holiday-feel' wore off a long time ago. If you are 100% sure that you will only live in there for 1 winter and perhaps also don't have kids, then it's not too bad. But it's not all fun....as you can probably imagine. Double glazing will help, but these things aren't designed for all year round living. It'll be cold, pipes will freeze, there will be mould and the damn thing will be too small....especially after arguments! It could be worth fitting a log burner in there and with all the doors open, should keep things toasty in winter. I also insulated underneath with loft roll and 'blocked' it all in so there are no nasty gales. Just ensure you keep all the vents open in the floor!!! Get a de-humidifier as the LPG and cooking will saturate the thing, especially curtains, clothes etc. Layout is important! We managed to pick one with kids bedrooms down one end, ours the other end with kitchen and lounge in between. Walls have no sound barriers so any small fart will be heard! Don't spend too much on the thing. Unless you are lucky to buy a bargain you are unlikely to recoup your money when you sell it on! My wife's going to burn ours so I won't get anything back! Connect the gutters with some downpipes and drain away the water. Stops the walls going green and stops the surrounding ground from getting extra boggy! Site it away from wind prone areas if possible. They will tend to be a bit 'reactive' with the winds! And don't buy from a certain company that has the name 'Hampshire' or 'Salisbury' in their title. PVC = deluxe??? Really? More likely to crack get damaged I would say. Nothing wrong with alu-skinned ones.
  3. oranjeboom

    Where are all the Europeans?

    Stingey Dutchman here with Oz citizenship here married to a bloody foreigner ( Welshie).
  4. oranjeboom

    Sunamp heat battery

    Well that's the approach I have gone for in my non-passive, but well insulated renovation/extensions. I was going to go for an ASHP to cover me for the winter demands when my 3.8KWh PV is 'down', but now I have gone for two UniQ eDual cells (24KWh) to provide me with DHW and space heating (UFH). This will mean I am totally reliant on electric (and may go for Economy 7 meterage but didn't want to be forced to adopt a smart meter). I want to see how the house performs this winter and then adapt things next year if required. I may also opt for non-gridded solar PV installation later on.
  5. oranjeboom

    Article on the BBC about battery storage

    But EVs ARE a load of crap!! Why? Cos the Daily Rag told me! I came across this today and found it hilarious: http://www.fullychargedshow.co.uk/previous-episodes/#/dail-mail-rant/
  6. oranjeboom

    Sunamp heat battery

    For anyone on the verge of committing to purchase a Sunamp unit, you may want to bite the bullet sooner than later: current 10% discount - or 20% for a fully-paid purchase by 29th June!
  7. oranjeboom

    Proper Downlights / Airtight

    Yes, I thought I had a local branch....doh. Was getting confused with CEF! I just checked their (CPC) June specials cat online but none in there so will probably just order at this price anyway, as still affordable! I was going to order from China direct but a bit wary of safety concerns even though they are low-voltage etc.
  8. oranjeboom

    Proper Downlights / Airtight

    I included wrong link (meant this CPC one) but that one you included @Onoff is even better priced. Thanks! Thanks PeterW for confirming. Will go into town today and see if they have a hardcopy catalogue that still has the better price in there.
  9. oranjeboom

    Proper Downlights / Airtight

    Hi Peter - did you manage to locate the code? Were they these ones? http://www.discount-electrical.co.uk/product.php/402703471/enlite-en-pl06b-30-slim-fit-white-edge-lit-low-profile-commercial-led-downlight-with-warm-white-leds---remote-driver-ip44-6w-300-lumens-240v-dia----120mm---recess-depth--40mm---cut-out----107mm TS also now do these so will grab one today and inspect before I order them from CPC (as more ££): https://www.toolstation.com/shop/p56573
  10. oranjeboom

    Just re-built our 1930's semi; almost there now

    You'll fit in well here then! : )
  11. oranjeboom

    House energy use

    Well hopefully there won't be any airco costs if the development has been thought through. EST may have some stats for you - probably worth dropping them an email: http://www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/
  12. oranjeboom

    Proper Downlights / Airtight

    Was referring to the LEDs - I thought those brackets were for screws. But now I get it: So perfectly easy to fit if they come with clips. I was thinking it would be a right PIA to fit the buggers. @PeterW Did you get these from fleabay/online? If they are WA* on your side then I will be halfway correct already. *Wife Approved✔️
  13. oranjeboom

    Proper Downlights / Airtight

    @PeterW Thanks for the pics - that helps. I'll have to see how I can fix the LED unit into the plasterboard then as it appears it's a couple of screws 'sideways' that the bracket will slot into. Probably a couple of battens stuck to the underside of the PIR. Does each LED need a driver? And I guess they can be placed some distance from the LEDs? I was hoping to put them in an easy to get to location for future replacement rather then stuck between PIR and plasterboard.
  14. oranjeboom

    Proper Downlights / Airtight

    Yeah, the only reason I asked about the temp is because I dropped my worklight this morning which dislodged the LED bulb and I noticed it was surprisingly hot. I now get the wife to write and date her decisions as 6months down the line she will either say we never discussed it or that she wanted option A, not B!
  15. oranjeboom

    Proper Downlights / Airtight

    Thanks Dudda! I'll only have 37mm (ish) void space for the spotlights (12mm pb, 25mm batten space) so these look like an option. How hot does the one you have tested get?