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  1. Yes, the buggers weigh a lot but people have been able to haul them up the stairs like @Jeremy Harris (not a 12Kw one though). Other installs have been able to use specialist stair lifters: And I put my units on wheels in case of future needs to move: So I wouldn't discount Sunamp purely on weight - there are workarounds!
  2. It's one of those jobs I have been putting off as I have a feeling it's all going to go wrong. I'm hoping to work on this in the next week or so. Will report back. But yes, @Jeremy Harris is one of the experts on here on the Harvey units.
  3. Worth getting quotes for supply and fit!! I bought mine direct a few years ago and have been looking for someone to fit them. Contacted at least 5 'approved installers' and have only heard back from 2. One quoted a decent quote for a day's work (also 2x UNiQ12 units) but thinks it may over-run a bit) but has now gone quiet. The other company quoted £3,000!!! Yes THREE THOUSAND POUNDS STERLING!!!! I've done the bloody hard work by putting them into position in a very tight space, got the plumbing and wiring to where the units are so it's s simple case of just connecting and testing the whole lot. Sunamp are not interested of course. I'm assuming supply and fit aren't off the piss-take scale. At this rate I'll be kidnapping @Nickfromwales for a couple of days...
  4. Stick it on the BH market place! You may even beat @pocster 's attempt in selling his walk on windows! But seriously, you could put up a free ad on gumtree and just keep renewing it. You'll be surprised at the interest you may get. I managed to sell all my old UPVC windows and some were very un-standard in size. Depends on what price you are looking at of course.
  5. All my walls are white and I was going to use Dulux Trade Diamond Matt throughout, but after 4tins of the stuff I wasn't that impressed (not able to remove fly shit from ceiling without removing paint) with either the hefty price or the results. I then tried Leyland Trade Hardwearing paint (1/2 the cost) which I find rolls a bit better and does 'feel' durable. Some of the other paints I have tried come off if I just use a dry cloth to take any marks out! You end up being very careful how you apply the Dulux stuff as you see and count how quickly the paint disappears from the tin! Their Easycare seems like a good product too and have used that in bathrooms and kitchen. At the moment no paint will stand the clumsiness of tradespeople so I know I will have to repair/repaint walls where some idiot decides to scrape by with his claw hammer hanging from his belt!
  6. Just want to be able to move in! Or at least get some of the furniture in so that I can get the family out of the static and 'live' in the house during the day, do school work in their bedrooms. Don't want to move furniture in order to get 4.2m length trim into place. If I can get the shed emptied of possessions I can move my tools into there also. And then also go through the garage to see what sh.. I have in there before I knock down that eyesore. Need to clear the clutter. So much clutter in my head, in the house, in the shed, in the garage....aarrrrgh...
  7. Thanks @Ferdinand - indeed, that's down to £2.30/m now! Delivery is certainly pushing the price up by £100 but I have no choice. The annoying thing is that I have a bloody timber yard at the back of my garden - within arms length. But of course it is shut.
  8. wow! Online looking at £3.50 (inc del and tax). Simple bullnose 4" primed.
  9. @Oz07 With my local timber yards closed, I am now looking to get my skirting board sourced from online retailers. Seen some stupid prices for simple bullnose profile so just wondering what places you were looking at online back in March? Looking for about 150metres so would like to think I can get a decentish price on that. The likes of BNQ and Wickes have no stock.
  10. Just coming back to this now that I want to complete all the wiring to/from consumer unit. Just to be sure, this is what I was going to do in terms of getting 2.5mm² radials for the two Sunamp units: 2.5mm² radial from consumer unit to DP switch and then 2.5mm² to PV diverter? Installer will complete all of the remaining wiring.
  11. I have the KOEMMERLING 88PLUS profile. Not alu-clad though. Seems like a decent product, 6 chambers and at PH standard. Purchased direct from the continent at fraction of UK cost.