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  1. oranjeboom

    Inspection Camera

    Received mine today so will have a play with it over the next few days.
  2. oranjeboom

    Inspection Camera

    Okay, bought myself a cheap one with 'semi-rigid' cable. Will see how I get on. I may be adding to my collection of one-time use only items with cable rods...
  3. oranjeboom

    Inspection Camera

    Hi @Onoff, Did you ever end up getting one of these? Just wondering how you got on. I've had a look on fleabay and there's plenty of cheap ones (camera cable + mobile phone) but no idea whether they'd be any good. Likely to be one-time use only so don't want to fork out big ££. Anyone else had experience or recommend a unit? Just need to have a peek up my cladding (4m) so need the actual cable to be semi-rigid otherwise it's just going to flop down as I shove it up the cavity. But something like this may suffice: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2M-5M-Semi-rigid-Endoscope-6LED-Borescope-Inspection-Camera-for-OTG-Smart-Phone/192502188909?hash=item2cd2064b6d:m:mr8pXFTkONHH1e-Eo7Pf--A:rk:4:pf:0
  4. oranjeboom

    Loft insualtion

    If you are looking to board over areas of your attic simply for storage/walking on, then you could just add some timbers on top of your joists. This may then allow you to add boards over the top without squishing down your insulation. That's what I have done in some places where I have needed to store stuff ("junk" as the wife calls it). You could probably also make your own loft legs out of some timber but it would have to be secured to stop any swaying!
  5. oranjeboom

    LED ...How bright and Which Make

    So the LED lights that have a separate driver unit, away from the actual LED should not overheat as the GU10 type? I'm having to go for the above type for some ceilings that only have a 25mm gap between the insulation and plasterboard but may also fit them in the bungalow ceiling were I can have the driver unit sit above the insulation layer to prevent anything overheating (although they don't warm up very much at all tbh).
  6. oranjeboom

    LED ...How bright and Which Make

    That's what I hate about these LED units. They may only need a small % of power that halogen units needed, but what a waste to scrap the ENTIRE unit when just the LED goes (for those units where the LED is not a separate bulb). So you then think, that 20-50,000 hrs will last quite a few years....obviously not. Will all retailers give you some kind of warranty? Will they honour it? I can imagine lots of cases where the wouldn't, ie, if you bought off ebay or Amazon. And then you will have a scenario where you need to have 2 spots replaced in kitchen only for that range to be non-existent. Replace the lot or try and mix and match with another brand/model. I'm sticking to these: Might darken the ceilings a bit and mess up my MVHR filters.
  7. oranjeboom

    cold bridge would this help

    Well you can't build a wall on most insulation. Anything 'specialist' has special prices unfortunately...
  8. oranjeboom

    cold bridge would this help

    yes, so about £19.36/metre (linear).
  9. oranjeboom

    cold bridge would this help

    Yes, but in this case there is only one way to use them. You can't use these solely to build a wall - only suitable for one course.
  10. oranjeboom

    cold bridge would this help

    Not sure why they price the thermoblocks up at m2 rather than linear metres. You only have to have them around the perimeter, not as a slab system. About £19/linear metre. But worth investigating other options such as a Viking insulated raft.
  11. oranjeboom

    cold bridge would this help

    What I did with my sole plate was to attach it to Marmox insulating blocks. there's also Foamglass blocks you could use (which I found to be a bit more 'brittle' in that any gorilla onsite could easily take a few dinks out of them). To further reduce condensation risk, I will be insulating the outside of the SIP panels with additional insulation - an 'insulation skirt' around the sole plate on the exterior side. You could also ask your SIP supplier for advice, but likelihood they will just stare at you blankly.
  12. oranjeboom

    Discount Offers of the Week

    Go on @Onoff - buy one and let us know how you get on. I'm particularly interested how it detects those 'abnormal hoverers' at your front door. "The App will immediately push notification to inform you that someone hovers abnormally around the door"
  13. oranjeboom

    What mix to use for concrete slab repair/fill (with ufh)

    Shouldn't be a problem this time as the pipes won't flex up to the surface as no gorilla's will be standing on the mesh. But I've also tied it down to make it foolproof. PVA would be to help bond the two concretes together and getting rid of any dust? Neat PVA or watered down?
  14. Okay, having dug up those areas of my slab that needed ufh loops to be pushed down from the surface (see below) , I am now ready to fill the voids. Depth wise it needs to be about 100mm and I'll put in some new mesh on top of the ufh pipe. Any bits of pipe that had the concrete grinder skim a bit of plastic from the pipe, I will PVC tape prior to concreting. The rooms to be poured have had their loops pressure tested and all seems okay (slight drop in pressure, but I think that is down to some connections on the manifold). This time round I will be doing the concreting which means no 'professionals' are involved and therefore it's actually going to be done properly for a change. All voids have been cleaned of debris etc so ready to pour. My only question: is a 4:2:1 mix okay? or in reverse: 1 part cement : 2 parts sand : 4 parts coarse aggregate (20mm)
  15. oranjeboom

    Ventilated plastic battens

    How big are the ventilation holes? Would they be prone to insects clogging them up?