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  1. Still considering my heating options (see here) and looking at the RHI on an ASHP, I see that I need to get a new EPC as the other one I have is more than 2yrs old and the rating at the end of the highly useful report😛 tells me it an ' E' (46). So I would need to get a new assessment done before I have the ASHP fitted (should I indeed go that route). If I do decide to go down the ASHP route, then I want to get that installed at the same time as all the rest of the plumbing systems and not have the mess/extra labour visits/costs to fit an ASHP after the house is 'complete'. As of today, I have a shell of a house still. Would they still be able to undertake an assessment? Windows and doors in, so that'll be a tick for the 'doubled glazed' box on the assessor's sheet and I get a gold star for the panels on the roof. But I have no heating, the loft is bare (no insulation), old crappy CWI is mostly gone, so my efficiency rating would probably be closer to an F than an D! In terms of the RHI, that appears to be based on the total heat demand - but how is that assessed if I have no heating installed yet? Do I just inform the assessor that I will be fitting UVC/ST/Sunamp/re-instating the old oil boiler?
  2. oranjeboom

    Boiler, buffer, thermal store or UVC? UFH with PV

    Well I wish I knew what I was doing also - believe me! Been pondering all day about this. 350L UVC with an additional buffer is probably going to cost at least £1500. But bigger losses obviously heat-wise. Space heating and DHW requirements (paste job from earlier): DHW requirement: 2 adults and two soon to be teenagers (so they will hardly wash reducing the DHW figures a bit) 2 morning showers 2 evening baths Hot water for washing up (though may get a boiler-type tap for most hot water needs in the kitchen) Occupancy: Wife and kids out and I although I work from home, my office will be one of the sheds out the back so main house can either be set to off or very low temps during the day. UFH demands: Groundfloor: Water volume: 129L; Estimated loading: 9.45Kw Upstairs: Water volume: 25L; Estimated loading: 2.03Kw The price reduction in the SA has confused my thinking even more, especially all of their variants now of UniQ range. I think that may confuse others also especially since their site is woeful with explaining their new generation/range of options. But I hear they will be sorting that out soon. I have a feeling they are a bit under-resourced/overwhelmed with enquiries. Until I hear back from them, I will post qs here. Someone kindly sent me some info on their latest UniQ rangeUFH and With a 12KWh system, that appears to cater for 2baths 2showers. So if the SA is fully charged that should be sufficient heat for 2baths 2showers, right? During summer months when my solar PV is producing 15Kw, that should replenish the sunamp for the evening baths and showers, correct? Any surplus PV goes to the grid (I'm only on 4.85p export tariff so worth putting everything into sunamps). Winter is different of course and I didn't collect any stats from my PV setup yet to see what I generate, but assuming I make 2.5KWh, I would rely on the gas boiler to supply the majority of the heat energy for the 12KWh SA unit - best to have the boiler feed the sunamp in one hit at it's optimal condensing settings? 2baths 2showers/day would be the max for 95% of the time. Taking into account the UFH demand of a further 12Kw that would be met by the gas boiler also, but at least the heat loss from the Sunamp unit is minimal. But can the UniQ range be rigged up direct with the boiler or does that still need a buffer tank? And with the boiler in the mix here, do I need a UniQ Heat unit or can I plug the boiler into the UniQ ePV unit also? So @Nickfromwales, as the wife wants gas for her cooking I am thinking of using a gas boiler with SA unit(s) and do away with UVC/TS completely (Saving £1500ish). Ideally get rid of the gas too, but she's made up her mind...and being Welsh, that's it! Sunamp UniQ ePV 12KWh will be double in cost at £3100ish, but probably a false economy in my sitaution to wait for prices to fall as I have no heat source at all now (no point installing UVC now only to rip it out in 2yrs time when SAs will be cheaper again!). My understanding of how these sunamp units work are probably a bit off the mark still, but hoping they give me call back soon.
  3. oranjeboom

    Boiler, buffer, thermal store or UVC? UFH with PV

    No, not mine that. Mine got deleted from youtube.
  4. oranjeboom

    Boiler, buffer, thermal store or UVC? UFH with PV

    Thanks for the headsup on pricing coming down. Was not sure what SA unit Nick was referring to costwise earlier: So I was looking to get two Sunamp PV units @9kw each as the plumber mentioned above,which with I guessed would cost 4 x £1700 (per 5Kw PV unit - I found that price online somewhere, probably dated) to give me a figure of £7k. So if they have come down to £1k then that will really push my decision towards SA rather than UVC. Yes, been there and considered that also. I have gas (boiler not bought yet) but liked Nick's pros and cons that were mentioned earlier. Not looking for ASHP in this setup.
  5. oranjeboom

    Boiler, buffer, thermal store or UVC? UFH with PV

    Okay, so if I go with the UVC option, I have three areas for the UVC and the buffer tank (4 if I include the loft): Locations Cloakroom: u-shaped area: 820x760 (actual room is 820x 2000, but doorway at 760 - but door will open outwards so that will help. Incidentally, this will also has the UFH manifold in there) Hallway cupboard (u-shaped area: 930x640) Electric cupboard: 800x350. Bit small for even a small buffer tank and I don't like the idea of the MCB and cylinders in the same restricted space. Ceiling heights are 2.4 although I could go higher if needed. Sizing So looking at Joule and Telford as example UVC sizing: Telford: 300L 2150mmx660 (slimfast version: 250L: 1800x510, presume they can do a custom one that is larger but longer in height?) Joule: 300L 2000x540 Best UVC location would probably be in hallway cupboard if I can get one that squeezes in. Heat loss will help to heat up the hallway and adjacent rooms/spaces. This will also minimise distance to boiler. Buffer tank is probably best to have in the cloakroom, right next to the manifold. @Nickfromwales Not sure whether my earlier posting made sense to you, but I think I have made up my mind with the UVC option (though I need to chase sunamp on their pricing today still). Any BH group discount plans with Telford on the horizon??? Not a clue which UVC to get, but looks like they will loosen my wallet by a bit. Just found out the plumber I had in mind is not VAT registered so will be slugged for full 20% VAT instead of 5% (VAT notice 708).
  6. Raspberry Pi? Not had the time to get and play with these yet, but they seem to have a very wide range of uses including lighting setups.
  7. oranjeboom

    Insulated Window (Rough) Opening

    Every cloud..... Put your feet up and make most of the weather. May not see the sun again for another month after today! Hope your finger heals quickly! Is it a splint job for 4wks and then another 3wks of healing after that?
  8. oranjeboom

    Insulated Window (Rough) Opening

    Never mind the finger - any damage to the window???? Hope the ARI looked after you!
  9. oranjeboom

    Boiler, buffer, thermal store or UVC? UFH with PV

    No, Swansea me! Next time I;m there visiting the MIL in Clydach I'll drop you round a case of delicious Fosters* * or Afghan/Crafy Devil/Cwtch! Okay, ready for the stupid questions: 1) So in the 'summer' months (fingers crossed) I rely pretty much on the PV panels to heat up the UVC, any further goes back to the grid (or a Sunamp if I can afford it)? 2) On those days when summer fails, the boiler kicks in to boost the UVC (rather than the immersion and drawing leccy from the grid)? Yes, I had planned to have the UVC in the cold loft, but it makes sense to place somewhere in the heated envelope. heat loss vs loss of heated space! Will only have an open staircase so can't place anything under there, no matter how impressive I make it look (already had difficulty persuading the wife on an exposed internal brick wall, so I don't think a copper spaghetti display is going to go ahead). Just need to find some dimensions then on the cylinder and buffer tanks and see what cupboards I am going to hide them in. Probably the cheapest item in this plumbing set up, one that I won't be needing your advice on you'll be glad to hear. And then to prance around in them in a nice warm house. Neighbours are going to love that! Dont you eat in the winter? People from Kent are very strange....... Just living off the fat from Xmas and Easter.... Ahhhh shuddup! I was pondering this very thing last night, even asked the boss again "are you sure you want to cook with gas"? as I was hoping that electric cooker she used on holiday was a persuader, alas not. At the moment we probably go through only 6-7 47kg LPG bottles living in the static caravan per year (4 humans, 1 stray cat doesn't tend to shower) so was already wondering how much demand there would be on the boiler in summer for hot water. With a 350L UVC that should do me for a bath in the morning and some showers and then it's heated in the day again for evening demands. If that's accurate (and the sun serves us well over the summer period) I'd only need one LPG bottle in the summer for cooking. I'd love to tell the gas company where to go with their standing charges! Just need to try and work out how much the boiler would be used in the winter if there's minimal output from the PV.
  10. oranjeboom

    Boiler, buffer, thermal store or UVC? UFH with PV

    £4k for 18Kw? Reclaimable as in new-build or some other way? thanks in advance for the feedback.
  11. oranjeboom

    Boiler, buffer, thermal store or UVC? UFH with PV

    Right, after some more reading I have come back with some more thoughts (and more questions...sorry @Nickfromwales!!). Preference is for a simple setup, only because I am no plumber and have very little faith in the local talent pool to actually fit a system that will work as it should at its best efficiency! With my water/house setup, I forgot to mention that the wife wants to be cooking with gas so we'll have gas with any set up then. I'm not bothered about running 2 baths simultaneously (and not much hindrance IMHO to say they'll have to wait) and I also think that the running of 2 showers simultaneously is unlikely tbh. As long as any recharge requirement does not take 4hrs, but then if whatever cylinder is big enough that should not be an issue I guess? Mains pressure is good and if my tank is circa 300L I shouldn't have any issues with simultaneous shower/bath...I think. As long as the boss can have her morning or evening bath plus showers running before/after. I'm also keen to install a more econmical bath (130l?) rather than a 250l+ swimming pool. On the short cycling front, I'd have to play it careful and include a buffer in the setup. Found this thread from last year about boiler efficiencies - may be of use to others who stumble across my pondering over UVC vs TS. Higher standing losses for a TS (over a UVC), but if the TS is in airing cupboard rather than the loft, that will help the situation in the heating months, but could be a problem in the summer months. So I do still have a question mark around that as I know Jeremy tried to do his best to improve on the crap heat TS loss figures he was achieving (and ultimately jumped onto the sunamp option. Is there a real-life proven TS that actually performs as the published figures state? So as I understand if I go with a TS, I would have to go for a larger size than a UVC or is it vice versa? But with a TS, that would also act as my buffer for my UFH and a UVC would need a buffer also. So again, as I read it, I can either go for a: - smaller TS and get a decent gas boiler to support it to match what is being demanded from it in terms of UFH and a simultaneous DHW demand or - larger TS to dump excess PV into it during the day (especially if I don't go for a Sunamp) And I do like the sound of low losses, so am considering the Sunamp PV (waiting to hear back from them on costs etc). and have some questions here for the plumber: How much would that setup cost? So a SA PV (5Kw) unit is circa £1700 IIRC so is it fair to say 18Kw worth of Sunamp magic is going to cost circa £7k plus the ' good high flow storage combi' cost [insert bargain figure here] will probably leave me with little left over to actually pay for shower and baths units! Very little demand for gas however (only need would be for cooking in the summer). BTW what is the cost of an annual service for a UVC? As low as £50? http://www.cardiffplumbingservices.co.uk/cylinder-servicing/ Presume that's not you Nick? Not sure if I am at all any clearer on my options. Too many darn options these days! I should have been living back in the stone ages("BIG FIRE or smal fire darling"?)
  12. You were up early! Yes, just oversailing cables with 2 poles just outside the boundary (1 in substation next door and the other in the field next door). Have tried to find the wayleave agreement, but of course can't locate it in my 'filing' system here in the static. I do recall it mentioned access to my land for maintenance purposes etc, not that really helps in determining whether its wayleave or easement. I'm pretty sure there was no mention of notice periods in there though. once I locate it I will post a scan. Any update I get from the DNO, I will also post on here for future reference. Thanks!
  13. Thanks @Ferdinand. I've actually been dealing with the wayleave office at the aformentioned DNO. Very amenable and is putting together recommendations for their planning dept - no indication yet how long that takes. i;ll wait to see how this progresses without the involvement of a legal team. As for a "necessary wayleave" I don't think that is going to be possible on the grounds of safety. IIRC the cables are 8m from ground level in the back garden which isn;t that high when you;ve got kids climbing trees (well not that high hopefully). The other big issue is that there is an adjacent industrial yard that also has the cables drooping over there yard which I recall the DNO guy commenting about on his last visit. Were these your timelines that you forced on them or are these 'expected' timelines for this sort of thing?
  14. I think it's all in the ebuild thread, but to save you reading that, a quick summary. I have to admit I thought the powerlines would have been dealt with at the planning approval stage and/or architect / building inspector. It was only when I started looking at scaffolding and measurements that I noted how close we would come. None of the scaffolders who came to quote though gave a sh*t about their proximity. In any case, I notified the DNO, they eventually came out to cloak/sleeve the lines (after various cockups on their side) only to cock-up again and realise when they came on site that they couldn't sleeve the cables because they were 11kv! After I'd sent them pics, ID nos of the substation and poles etc. Totally clueless bunch of ignoramus muppets. And this was 2 weeks before the SIPs arrived. No way could I postpone it all as I could foresee them taking months to take any action (and they'd already used up their meagre budget. DNO is now another foreign owned entity with minimum return ££ to invest in UK) After careful negotiation with the DNO, I proceeded to get the scaffolding up and spent a small fortune on warning signs, tape etc etc. There was no way I wanted any injuries on my site! During this kerfuffle with the ignoramus DNO muppets we agreed that the wayleave agreement was complete crap. So the build went ahead but even during the build the muppet DNO had a panic attack when their contracted tree pruner reported back to them about the scaffolding. He was just doing his job, but it sent alarm bells ringing even though I told some bimbo on the phone that everything had been signed off by the DNO previously. Computer system says no and I had a road full of DNO crews to assess the situation. Luckily I still had the original DNO paperwork and that sent them on their way again. So I didn't want to ruffle their feathers until well after the build was completed externally before I started enquiring about the overhead cables again.
  15. Thanks @Onoff - yes, I went over that meticulously when I had my first run in with them. I even noted that one of the poles was slightly angled - to no avail. I may have a case with the substation which is housed in a small victorian brick structure - part of the roof has missing tiles and the brickwork on the gable end is pretty buggered and all of the guttering is long gone. I've often seen squirrels go in there....fried squirrel anyone? They would need access to my property to rectify that. Seems NI guidelines state 5m clearance for trees: http://www.nienetworks.co.uk/safety/farmers-checklist/tree-cutting/tree-clearances but it seems in the UK as a whole there are no minimum clearances, just 'guidelines'. If I refuse for pruning they have statutory powers to do so in any case. But hopefully they will see sense before then! Thanks @StructuralEngineer I'll have a read through http://www.emfs.info/sources/overhead/specific/11-kv/ which seems quite useful.