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  1. oranjeboom

    SunAmp : Snog, Marry, Avoid?

    If you do go down that path, could you take a series of pics that non-engineers like me could follow? Would indeed be useful to know what the thing is doing rather than just turning on the hot tap and seeing whether the thing's been charging or not. Be good to be able to self-diagnose the unit without having to call Sunamp each time. The last thing I want to do is un-plumb and manhandle 400kg to get access or even send the units back. Shame there's no app or even a USB port you can check the status with.
  2. oranjeboom

    SunAmp : Snog, Marry, Avoid?

    Thanks Jeremy - we'll be looking forward to your review....as will Sunamp I am sure! Hope they have budgeted for over-time!
  3. oranjeboom

    Soundproofing 95mm bathroom stud wall

    Thank nod, so as i understand: 50mm stud---/---120mm void--/--50mm stud (with the void containing one layer of acoustic insul)? ***just seen the other responses after posting this, so will digest*** Yes, resilient bars I have come across. Thanks all.
  4. oranjeboom

    SunAmp : Snog, Marry, Avoid?

    @JSHarris What's the timeline for your new controller? My UNiQs have gone back once already so ideally I want them back with new controllers that actually do the recharge as required! So looking forward to your testing feedback when you have installed your new controller!! 😀
  5. Looking to soundproof the wetroom/shower as much as possible. My daughter's taste in music....hurts everyone's ears so my son whose bedroom is on the other side of the stud wall won't want to hear her 'sing' in the shower! It's a 95mm stud wall with Schluter kerdiboard and 9mm tiles. My plan was to either fill the stud wall with PIR (95mm) or use up my acoustic loft roll type stuff (Superglass roll) that I still have lying around. Alternatively, I was going to go fit the acoustic stuff in the studs and then add a 50mm PIR sheet up the wall, ending up with 145mm wall (plus PB). What's best?
  6. @Odyssium I had a £$%^&*^$£"$£%^&^* cowboy builder bugger up my concrete floor. Intention is also to take him to court once I have a final figure for corrective action. I've managed to locate him on social media so to some extent can track him via that. I guess you have tried doing that? How did your family come across him? Via a word of mouth, internet? Perhaps if they re-trace their route they can track him down....and then potentially ask someone else to enquire with him about that house extension they are planning..."where shall we send the plans to? We don't do email and we shall be away next month so can get my friend to post the plans to you..." There's also the electoral roll to reference. My cowboy has various addresses so if need be I plan to stake them out as I think a PI would do the same and charge through the nose to pretty much sit around and wait. IIRC the small claims court route allows you up to 6yrs to make a claim after the event. So you have a bit of time. Unless @scottishjohn's contact get's there first. I know which route I am preferring. I may just have to PM John to see if any of your mates mates have a 'contact' in the south....
  7. Well it was for my brother's extension and he still needs to finalise drawings etc, so...............
  8. Well you can also mention that's put me off them. As I've now ordered from Drench to be on the safe side.
  9. oranjeboom

    AAV under basin in bathroom?

    Thanks Peter, Ed Yes, was going to box it in anyway as going into the attic would mean an ugly boxed in section in the corner somewhere.
  10. Thanks @onoff - shopping list sent to wife for approval!! @dpmiller - may swap hudson reed handheld with the water saver one then and hope the boss does not notice!!! Supplier error...no returns accepted.
  11. oranjeboom

    AAV under basin in bathroom?

    Working out the bathroom pipe runs I will probably need to fit an AAV to reduce vacuum issues as I won't have a soil stack going up through the roof or up the side of the house. The soil pipe from bathroom goes down through the slab and outside into adjacent inspection chamber (2m away). The soil pipe that serves toilet will also drain the basin and bath, so my thought was to simple locate an AAV under the basin (boxed in, but accessible). Would that do the trick? Excuse the 'drawing' below. It's late.... As an aside, I realise I will also need to vent to atmosphere the outside foul drain and was going to achieve this by adding an exterior vent pipe in an outside hedge if the BCO really insist.
  12. Thanks gents! @Onoff - you've finally completed your bathroom? Looking good! Also didn't know the BBC had diversified into showers. Discount with valid TV licence? Wife's just come home and changed her shower wishes.😠 Hoping I can at least slip this in as replacement hand held: https://www.savewatersavemoney.co.uk/products/view/570/mira-eco-shower-head-chrome.html Anyone used these? Daughter tends to spend ages washing her hair. This is advertised to reduce that down to 7L/min
  13. Looking to fit a concealed thermostatic valve set with handset and fixed ceiling shower head. I was looking at Grohe but I may have to compromise on a cheaper brand like Drench (never come across them tbh) who give a 15yr guarantee on the valve (10yrs on shower arm and head). Anyone has experience of them? I'm spending a fortune on Schluter wet room so looking to reign in the spend where I can. https://www.drench.co.uk/primrose-concealed-thermostatic-shower-valve-fixed-shower-head-handset-kit vs https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GROHE-Grohtherm-3000-Cosmopolitan-Rainshower-Shower-Solution-Pack-4-118323/142848509617?epid=2254803060&hash=item21426f46b1:g:jC0AAOSw8eFbNk2z (would need to get a true ceiling shower arm) TBH, I don't like the Grohe designs. Ideally what me/the boss wants: No loss in pressure if someone flushes the toilet Looks good and is child-proof Water saving option/feature 'economy mode' (guess that could be another add on product I could buy - restrict flow and duration?) Something that lasts at least 10yrs! Controls that are easy to use (I really dont want to be getting in the shower with the MIL! to show her how to turn the temp up) Will be connected to Sunamp Uniq units and I have at least 6 bar pressure with decent flow rate.
  14. oranjeboom

    Site security revisited

    And what's your address again? 😁